Thursday 28 February 2019

March 2019 Status

Looks like Neverwinter Online is getting a major overhaul in the next Mod, which has inspired me to return in preparation. At this stage it couldn't possibly be worse than Acquisitions Inc. right?

That said it's pretty clear I need a "holiday" from my PC to get rid of some of the higher list items, all of which are still there from last time. That's more likely to happen when I hit the more massive games (file size wise) while waiting for them to download.

    End 2019 with less weight (no change from last month, total: no change)
    Make board game prototype (no progress)
    Complete web comic chapter 1 (no progress)
    Clean out wardrobe (no progress)
    Deal with overhanging trees (no progress)
    Clean the roof (no progress)

Backlog Update:

FROM GIFTS (or freebies)
Dying Light
Shadow of War
Satellite Reign (done)
Lego Lord of the Rings (done)
Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Baldur's Gate
Baldur's Gate 2
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt
Another Sight: Hodge's Journey (done)
What Never Was (done)
A Story About My Uncle (done)
Deponia: The Complete Journey
+The Kite
+NWO: Get Acquisitions Inc Boons

Board games:
Mice and Mystics Campaign (6/11)
Zombicide: Black Plague Campaign (8/11)
London Dread Campaign (0/4)
Adamastor (0/2 modes)
Escape from Colditz (1/2 modes)
Pandemic: Fall of Rome (no progress)

Fallout Tactics: Nuke the Door

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

Since zero hostages were freed last mission, Dekker decided it was time to go all or nothing and send a full attack led by Frances' team to the robots base - Vault 0. Aka the Cheyenne Mountain base. Frances decided to take Dr. John with them so that the squad would have a medic at least.

The plan was simple, drive up the nuke warhead they retrieved from the ghouls long ago right to the door and detonate it - then assault the compound. Fortunately the nuke carrying truck was pretty sturdy - especially with Jo there to repair it. With half the team firing from within and half the team on foot the robots were getting smashed.

The defense towards the end became really strong though, managing to destroy one track of the vehicle. While Jo repaired it, HR1205 sacrificed himself to the gauss rifle wielding defenders. Once the path was finally clear, Jo did the honors to set the nuke. The team then fled to a nearby bunker to survive the blast.

That should do the trick!

Insight: Passengers can shoot out of vehicles and will take no damage in return, instead the vehicle will absorb all the damage. As long as you have a mechanic with tools and make enough pit stops to repair your ride they basically act like mobile bunkers.

Wednesday 27 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Brainless Fools

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

Since the robots managed to jam the minimap at the previous manufacturing plant mission, Frances recruits the small and lithe Reaver girl, Mac, to act as a scout when deploying on their next assignment - a rescue operation.

For some reason the robots had been taking prisoners and the detention facility is heavily guarded by every type of bot previously encountered. Mac uses her stealth to find the best path for the team, who fight through a poorly defended flank.

At the main compound Mac takes point again, but as the team follows they are detected and a huge fire fight ensues. With the team taking defensive position in a vacant structure Mac previously scouted, waves of adversaries crash upon the building. Mac, providing overwatch from above, is taken by surprise by a security squid who tears her limb from limb.

The team survives but is badly hurt, so they split up to assault the main building with Frances and Malice taking the second floor while the others sweep into the ground level. Another behemoth is defeated before Frances finds the hostages - all of whom are naked and lobotomized. Among them is General Barnaky.

Thanks for letting us know the details!

Insight: While cover is important in this game, more so is positioning. By default the squad likes to move in a clustered group. If that's the position they fire from then there are good odds that the front line will take friendly fire from their own companions. Position firing lines properly to succeed!

Tuesday 26 February 2019

Today I Smiled: Insight

Gevlon's farewell post made me realize that I should probably be sharing some gaming insight and not just stories and reviews all the time. We'll see how that goes in future posts as I'm probably not that good in "gamer skills" so my teaching qualification might not be up to par. :P

On to other stuff, with all the flooding that happened here you would think pilots would be busy delivering supplies or helping with evacuations. Not this guy, he's just bored.

Speaking of a different type of catastrophe, did you know there was actually a "High Priestess of Blood"? Had she been imprisoned in Russia I suppose she would qualify to be sent to the Black Dolphin Prison, where they most likely have bear hunting dogs skilled in Barkour. Yes, today I learned Barkour is a thing.

I'll leave you with what actually made me smile - the insights of comedian Jo Koy in this short clip. Enjoy your day everyone!

Monday 25 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: No Reactor

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

In lieu of the tank, the team is provided with a rebuilt and reprogrammed squaddie - HR1205, made from the pieces they retrieved months before. It proves invaluable on the next mission to destroy a robot repair facility as Hurt - the team doctor - is melted into a pile of shit by a gauss round early in the piece.

While the other human members can recover hit points, the more major injuries sustained are untreatable. Being a machine, HR can still be repaired by Jo and thus takes the lead in most of this map. Despite this Malice's bomb skills make him the MVP to destroy all the self repairing generators simultaneously.

They then proceed to the manufacturing facility where they encounter and defeat a massive behemoth robot and a multitude of the squid security types who previously killed the other brotherhood team that was sent in. Toni is melted during their ambush.

The behemoth is a walking tank.

Making use of their longest range weapons and the interior cat walks, they clear the rest of bots and destroy the facility. Specifically, destroying a nuclear reactor. Somehow it doesn't explode and kill the lot of them right there.

Sunday 24 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Tank You

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

Upon arriving at Newton the team finds mechanic gal Jo waiting for them with a tank! While the main gun has no ammunition, it provides ample cover for the team to fire from - especially against the new zerg-like spider scurry bots who bury themselves and wait in ambush.

It makes this mission so easy.

Jo's skills are more than enough to repair any damage to the vehicle, and soon the Reaver leadership is saved - one of whom taking an immediate romantic interest in Malice. As a reward they share their EMP weapon tech which the robots are weakest against.

With this technology secured, the brotherhood then advances West to the next forward operating base. Annoyingly, the tank can't be taken into any future missions as it is held in reserve for defense. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Saturday 23 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Heavy Metal

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

The robot pieces are studied while the team is sent out to apprehend thieves who have stolen brotherhood power armor. The task is simple, but sees three more recruits die in the process. Afterwards Frances, Malice, and Hurt are sent to the Great Bend to fight the robot presence there.

To assist in this, three super mutants are assigned to them - Toni, Chuck and Pump all of whom are strong enough to carry the heavy caliber weaponry that is usually vehicle mounted. These guns literally blow apart the multitude humanoid bots present, as well as the floating security squid robots.

Like the ones in the Matrix!

A third class, the load lifter robot is much more durable and one such machine impales Chuck through the chest - killing him. Despite the loss, the team manages to clear the remaining robot forces in the area and is tasked to continue the fight to Newton and to save the Reavers besieged within.

Friday 22 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Possession

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

During the day, the vehicles are more easily unstuck but the APC is abandoned. After thanking him properly, Riddick takes the two seat scouter and goes on his way while Frances takes the humvee to Bunker Delta which isn't a bunker at all, but more an above ground fortress.

Dekker wants her to scout out the reported robot threat in the region, starting at a town who claim to have defeated one such adversary. Frances rebuilds her squad with Doc Hurt, Creeper the creep, one handed Stumpy, and heavy weapon supports Pain and Malice.

It turns out that the tech worshipping cult known as the Reavers also want the robot corpse, and aren't going to leave without a fight so Frances leads the assault against their makeshift farmhouse base. Despite their weak armor, the Reavers are carrying powerful weapons. There's also an unexpectedly huge number of them inside and around the little house.

Shooting through the town hall windows.

A grenade launched from the balcony eliminates Pain (who dies in his name sake), Creeper is exploded by a booby trapped door and Stumpy takes a lazer through the eye, frying his brain to ash. Eventually, enough blood is spilled and Frances, Hurt and Malice leave with the robot parts in their possession. 

Thursday 21 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Sole Survivor

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

Inside the super mutant base, Frances and Brian find a badly wounded mutie who in a dying hallucination, apologizes for losing his captive "the general". Not much further in, the pair find the super mutant leader - a rogue brotherhood paladin! In the ensuing gunfight, he and Brian are killed.

Frances returns alone, demoralized despite the fact that the super mutants having lost their leader have now splintered and are fight among each other. She is tasked with providing the rear guard as the Brotherhood Westward and is given five rookies to help get the three vehicles to the next base.

Oh, I've seen this movie!

A detour sees them get all three stuck at the bottom of a very dark valley. Somehow, a strange man named Riddick is here who helps lead them out. Turns out the valley is crawling with death claws, and despite the teams best efforts (especially one big lady with a dynamite spear), they are all torn to shreds.

Except for Frances, whom Riddick manages to drag out.

Wednesday 20 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Meat Shields

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

Frances and Brian are next sent to protect a ghoul chapel from a super mutant attack. Their contact, Babs, is like other ghouls - having survived the nukes to be granted a long undeath. Three recruits also volunteer to help, the best of whom is Rebecca the sniper who is very effective in defending against the three pronged attack.

A single file charge is easy to gun down.

Alas the other two rookies along with most of the other ghoul defenders, including Babs, are killed in the raid. Afterwards the reason of the raid is made clear, the ghouls are worshiping a nuke. Frances convinces them that the only way "their lord" will be safe is if it is relocated to the Brotherhood bunker.

Upon their return Dekker informs them that they have located the the super mutant headquarters and tasks Frances to eliminate their leader. After getting three more recruits they head out to launch a blitzkrieg on the base. Rebecca and all the newbies are killed during the charge, but it is enough to let Frances and Brian reach their underground bunker.

Tuesday 19 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Vengeance

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

An ex-raider medic named Hurt is found back at Bunker Gamma and she manages to fix Jo and Frances' wounds from the disastrous previous outing. There is not much time to rest as Dekker orders her to take the offensive and attack a super mutant facility being powered by large generators.

Brian and Frances opt to take four deathclaws who for some reason have decided to work for the Brotherhood, and these beasts quickly show why they are feared - closing distances quick and applying continuous knock downs to their super mutant foes. Unfortunately a grenade gets all of them while they are all clustered together, leaving Brian and Frances to complete the mission.

Effective melee, but weak to grenades.

Brian did manage to find a speedy, two seater scouter which does let them bypass the main roads, and gets them to a spot where they can infiltrate the main facility - finding it is a research lab where a super mutant scientist is trying to solve the sterility problem all super mutants have.

Despite his begging, Frances and Brian torch the place as vengeance for the fallen brothers - scientist included. Surprisingly, Dekker is not happy with that decision. Perhaps he's not as loyal to the Brotherhood as people believe him to be...

Monday 18 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Defeat

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

The team is delayed in reaching the new bunker as they have to skirt around giant rats that are the size of bears. By the time they reach there, they find it in disarray as many others - led by General Barnaky, have gone to face an army of super mutants.

Big green bastards in any iteration of Fallout.

A man named Dekker, currently in charge of giving missions, sends Frances squad out as support but the battle is lost before they even arrive, switching their priorities to search and rescue. The well trained and heavily armed super mutants, genetically created for war, are having none of that though and splay Mandy's guts all over the fields while attacking their first position.

Ice is shot in the head as the team captures a bridge checkpoint and not much farther Trevor eats a rocket. Traversing through the super mutant trenches, Torn also meets her end via heavy gunfire. The other squads didn't fare much better, with Frances and Brian only able to extract an APC and four members of Talon team who tell them General Barnaky had been captured. Everyone else was dead.

Sunday 17 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Beastmaster

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

Despite providing batteries, the squad must still make do with whatever gear they can scrape together as they are next sent to deal with the Beastlords dominating the area. These cannibals some how can control animals, even the monstrous death claws.

After getting some intel from a liberated mayor and her daughter (sorry to the rest of that town), Frances and company find the Beastlord cave stronghold and easily fight their way in. A caged alpha deathclaw was the answer to their "magic power", and since the beast could parlay - it requested freedom so that it could take revenge on its captors.

Glad it could tell the difference.

Frances let it, and it did so very efficiently. With the beastlords wiped out Frances then ordered the remaining, injured deathclaws be put down as they were too dangerous to live. General Barnaky agreed with this decision and gave her a promotion for her actions. With this area secure it was time to pack up and head on to Bunker Gamma.

Saturday 16 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Bugged

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

Frances replaces her fallen squaddies with females: the nurse Mandy, all rounder Ice, and her mechanic friend Jo who quickly gets to work repairing the hummer. Annoyingly, the Brotherhood Quartermaster is short on ammo to trade so the team is next sent out to collect batteries to power energy weapons.

Their destination is an abandoned bunker but they are pleasantly surprised to find a friendly but simple tribe living above it and barter a few things before descending into the labyrinth below. A labyrinth filled with radscorpions and radroaches! Yuck!

The boss roach is car sized. Eek!

The deeper areas are only accessible by turning on the power, which in also activates the defense turrets that the team must dodge past. They finally find the battery supply in the deepest area which is home to a giant roach. Jo is crippled by the beast before it is slain.

As they exit, they power down the turrets but find it is too late for the tribe topside as the turrets there also went live and melted over half the inhabitants. Back at the base, the injured Jo is replaced with female close quarter specialist Torn.

Thursday 14 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Hummer Time

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

The last raider outpost is destroyed easily, as the team managed to use a herd of wild brahmin to "disarm" their mine field. General Barnaky then orders the squad south to the next Brotherhood bunker, with an ultimate goal of finding the mythical Vault 0 that is supposed to contain secrets of the past, and gateways to the future.

The migration hits a speedbump at the town of Macomb, where hostile locals put up barricades in an effort to pilfer a Brotherhood convoy. Frances' team is tasked with clearing the way - shooting down packs of dogs while carefully taking down the many roof top snipers lying in wait.

Night time also lowers chances to hit at range.

Despite their best efforts Robin takes a bullet to the face early while traversing a rooftop, Stitch is taken out by a grenade, and Dianne bleeds out from rocket shrapnel at the last hurdle. For their efforts, the survivors aquire a humvee which certainly beats walking. It also can store a lot of loot and is made use of right away to flee from the giant, acid spitting radroaches of the wasteland!

Fallout Tactics: New Recruits

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

"Cut them loose," ordered Frances as she reloaded her pistol. Behind her Dianne, now better known as her callsign - Farsight, took up an overwatch position covering one of the exits to the large hut with her hunting rifle as Stitch made his way through the tribal hostages, cutting their bonds free with a scalpel.

Vault boy wasn't one of the prisoners.

Frances couldn't help but be reminded that it was her in that position not long ago, having been taken by rogues and then sold to these raiders to suffer unspeakable indignities. She and Dianne were lucky, surviving until the Brotherhood of Steel rescued them and recruited them into their ranks. Their other friend Brenda was less fortunate, and ended up as dinner a week before the rescue.

These tribals wouldn't suffer that fate though, now they were free... Free to serve the brotherhood. With this success Frances was allowed to expand to a full squad, gaining recruits Trevor the fat, goatee Brian and Robin who does his best to emulate his favorite comic book sidekick.

The Wasted Land

Because you can't have enough stories about a post nuclear wasteland... This started as a Fallout Tactics story but has expanded to include other post apocalyptic games.

Book 1 - Fallout Tactics
Chapter 01 - New Recruits
Chapter 02 - Hummer Time
Chapter 03 - Bugged
Chapter 04 - Beastmaster
Chapter 05 - Defeat
Chapter 06 - Vengeance
Chapter 07 - Meat Shields
Chapter 08 - Sole Survivor
Chapter 09 - Possession
Chapter 10 - Heavy Metal
Chapter 11 - Tank You
Chapter 12 - No Reactor
Chapter 13 - Brainless Fools
Chapter 14 - Nuke the Door
Chapter 15 - Barnaky
Chapter 16 - Vault 0

Book 2 - LISA: The Painful RPG
Chapter 17 - She's been taken!
Chapter 18 - Hot Wheels
Chapter 19 - An Acquired Smell
Chapter 20 - What Luck!
Chapter 21 - Pretty Boys
Chapter 22 - The Fate of all Bullies
Chapter 23 - Hopes and Dreams
Chapter 24 - To Build a Boat
Chapter 25 - To Build a Boat 2, the Epic Conclusion of Boat Building
Chapter 26 - That's RANDO
Chapter 27 - Joy 

Book 3 - Wasteland 2
Chapter 28 - Re-Activation
Chapter 29 - Dam Choices
Chapter 30 - Wreck-It Ralphy 
Chapter 31 - Darwin
Chapter 32 - Side-Tracked
Chapter 33 - Mutually Assured Destruction
Chapter 34 - Grave of Airplanes
Chapter 35 - The Other Side
Chapter 36 - Poor Execution
Chapter 37 - Nearing the Source
Chapter 38 - Show Business
Chapter 39 - Going Offensive
Chapter 40 - Incandescent 

Book 4 - Fallout Shelter
Chapter 41 - Vault 40
Chapter 42 - Horrors in the Dark 
Chapter 43 - The Great Purge
Chapter 44 - Vault 465
Chapter 45 - The Raiders
Chapter 46 - Forty Two 

Book 5 - Borderlands Pre-Sequel
Chapter 47 - In Charge
Chapter 48 - Business Propositions
Chapter 49 - Not Eye to Eye
Chapter 50 - Vault of Elpis
Chapter 51 - Vengeance Begins 

Book 6 - Borderlands 2
Chapter 52 - Up Yours Captain Trainwreck
Chapter 53 - The Evil H
Chapter 54 - Firehawk - Ashes and Dust
Chapter 55 - Un-Netted R35CU3
Chapter 56 - Trainwreck 2 - The Wreckening
Chapter 57 - Overlooked Help
Chapter 58 - Flipping the Bird
Chapter 59 - Just Take It
Chapter 60 - The Stuff of Movies
Chapter 61 - Get that Booty! 
Chapter 62 - Eaten by a Rumor
Chapter 63 - Invincible Comeback
Chapter 64 - The Face of Killing
Chapter 65 - Gaming is Training
Chapter 66 - Vanquishing Evil
Chapter 67 - Boss Killers 

Book 7- Borderlands 3
Chapter 68 - Number Vaughn
Chapter 69 - The Bluehairs
Chapter 70 - The Sword and the Gunslinger
Chapter 71 - Tannis Power
Chapter 72 - Siren Song

Book 8 - Bioshock Infinity
Chapter 73 - Columbian Baptism
Chapter 74 - The Drownings
Chapter 75 - Burial at Sea

Book 9 - Chernobylite
Chapter 76 - Sarcophagus
Chapter 77 - Rent
Chapter 79 - Acquaintance
Chapter 80 - Enemy
Chapter 81 - Heist


Tuesday 12 February 2019

Absurd Game Ideas - Superhero Tank

[Part of the Absurd Game Ideas folder]

Many game bloggers, including myself, usually talk about our ideal games or how to improve the games we currently play. Well I thought it would be fun to flip the script and share our most absurd and silly game or game mod ideas! You are invited to blog your own crazy ideas too! :)

Today's one is inspired by Batman: Arkham Knight's Batmobile dependence. I give you...

Superhero Tank

In this thrilling MOBA, play as your favorite superheroes and super villains as they drive their tanks to victory! Not only can you customize and design your tanks, outfitting them with better gear as your rank up, but they gain some abilities of the hero or villain piloting them!

For example, Spiderman's tank shoots web, Flash's tank moves faster, Aquaman's tank can move under water, Wonderwoman's Tank can lasso other tanks and Bane's tank can get a temporary buff from drugs! Take superhero fighting to the next level of awesomeness because a hero without a tank, is not a hero at all!

Monday 11 February 2019

Batman: Arkham Knight

I hope you like driving games.

With Gotham evacuated thanks to a terrorist threat from Scarecrow, the streets are now filled mostly with goons of the regular rogues gallery and an invading army of soldiers who are mostly there to hunt Batman. Fortunately, Bats has a new toy in this game - the Batmobile - a powerhouse which will either make of break the game for you.

Why? Because as cool as the car is, it's like 70% of the games' focus suddenly shifted to it. There are multitudes of races, chases, combats, and puzzles (yes, damn you Nigma) that can only be solved with it. If you like driving games, then this should be good news for you. If you hate driving games like I do, then it becomes a tedious chore.

Punching the Riddler is one of my fave moments.

It's a pity because the rest of it (other than the ending which I disliked) is great, especially the bits where you can play as other characters... if only you didn't need the damned car most of the time. I give it 2.5 "non-lethal" exploding bat-rockets out of 5.

Sunday 10 February 2019

LEGO Lord of the Rings

Where one CAN simply walk into Mordor.

Following the events of the movie trilogy, this LEGO retelling is much more humorous despite using the same voiced lines. How much more humorous? Well, Strider managing to lock the Nazgul in the toilet in the Bree Tavern is a good example.

Who do you get to play during this? Well, everyone. In story mode you can switch between active party members at will, and will need to as different people have different skills. Sam can make plants grow, Gimli can smash rocks, Legolas can jump higher etc. It's also not too challenging, though some bugs towards the end might require a few mission restarts.

Had to replay the Black Gate battle a few times...

Speaking of bugs, I also needed to reduce the resolution to get it to run smoothly, but YMMV. This is definitely designed for collectors though, because after finishing all the story content I only had 33% completion. The rest is found in the open world "free play" which is both massive and for me, empty. Still, this was a fun and mostly relaxed way to relive the movies so I give it 3 rings out of 5.

Saturday 9 February 2019

A Story about my Uncle

If you want to be happy, don't read the signs.

In this first person platformer, you play as a curious boy who finds himself in a strange land full of floating rocks. While you are given solid controls, nifty gear, and many many checkpoints to help traverse this place expect to die a fair bit (hence the many checkpoints).

Really fun while also really challenging!

While most of this is just about traversal, there is an ok story happening too complete with voiced characters. Strangely, the main characters voice acting is the weakest. Also, be warned this is a short game - I finished it in just under 3 hours, but missed many of the hidden collectibles. Still, if you like platformers - especially first person platformers, I would recommend this one. I give it 2.5 eyeballs out of 5.

Friday 8 February 2019

Train to Busan

It's a zombie express!

When a little girl convinces her selfish father to take her to visit her estranged mother via express train, she didn't realize just how traumatic the trip would be. Traumatic and bloody! That's what happens when you put zombies on a train.

Well, this day is going to hell.

This Korean action horror is quite entertaining and does have an interesting version of the infected undead. The main cast do a good job in their albeit stereotypical roles and the camera, stunt work and action bits are quite good. Effects wise is quite passable too.

That leaves the plot, which is predictable and has some holes the size of which people can crawl through - but don't most zombie movies have that? All up I really enjoyed this one and would definitely watch it again. I rate it 4 lemmings out of 5.

Thursday 7 February 2019

Another Sight: Hodge's Journey

 There is a key to meow. :3

In this platformer, you play as an orange cat who is totally tripping in the catnip traversing some strange realms via teleporters for no clear reason. There are some moderate puzzles in this short game, which is currently free on Steam.

Kitty's tripping balls.

I cleared it in 27 minutes. Much like What Never Was, this is just a prelude to something more - but this time there actually IS something more, which is the main game: Another Sight. Not sure that it managed to sell me on getting the main game, but if you like platformers and cats, then this one is worth a download.

Wednesday 6 February 2019

What Never Was

A prelude to something that should be.

In this first person, one room story puzzle, a young woman is tidying up her grandfather's attic and comes across a secret. While there is reading through journal pages there is also surprisingly good voice acting in this little game.

The entirety of the game lies in this attic.

The only real let down is the length, as I cleared it in 18 minutes and was looking forward for more but - see the title. On the flip side, its currently available for free on Steam - so if you liked things like Myst and just want to see how sharp (or rusty) your skills are, it's worth a try.

Tuesday 5 February 2019

Dragons: Defenders of Berk / Race to the Edge

More Hiccup and Toothless!

Taking place between the first and second "How to train your Dragon" movies, this series follows Hiccup and company as they discover new dragons, make new friends and battle new enemies. As expected, the CGI quality is not movie standard but drastically improves with each new season with the final one being pretty damn good and sets up for the second movie really well.

The extra characters have decent development too!

I also like that there is an underlying plot behind the problem of the day scenario and towards the end sees the Hiccup fighting in pretty much full scale war. While there are deaths it is a kids show so all of it is bloodless and off screen. Of course, the main attraction are the characters and any extra time with their funny antics and watching them grow is quite entertaining. Definitely one I'd recommend for fans of the show.

Monday 4 February 2019

The Battle for Wesnoth

Free, turn based sprite warfare.

The land of Wesnoth is in turmoil and the best solution is war! Conducted on hex grid maps the general flow of a battle (but not all, there are variants) is to recruit units, conquer and hold villages (for gold production) and subsequently eliminate your opponent's leader.

It's a little annoying that said leader (both sides) usually has to stay within a keep so that they can actually recruit people but that's just one of the tiny nuances to get used to.

Expect some reading!

I like that various units perform better with in various terrain or time of day, so rushing your elves headlong into undead at night is a bad idea. Luring them into the woods during the morning is a better prospect but do you have time for that? Yes, most campaign missions have a turn limit to keep you pushing forward.

Some also have varying attacks - said elves shooting against sword wielders is a good idea. Shooting against mages? Not too bright, better to go hand to hand in that case. Simple mechanics that are easy to learn, but harder to master. Keeping units alive is also good, as you can recall surviving veterans in future campaign missions.

Lastly, there's a lot of content here. Campaigns upon campaigns, an editor, more player made stuff - all available for free. The graphics are the obvious let down though, and if you don't like sprites you won't like this. Also, if the enemy has a gazillion troops it takes awhile for him to complete his turn.

Not quite my cup of tea, but if you like strategy games and don't mind the less than stellar art Wesnoth might be worth a look.

Sunday 3 February 2019

Kung Fu Yoga

The title is worse than the movie.

In this action comedy, Chinese archaeologist Jack Chan (played by Jackie Chan) is called upon by an Indian professor to help find a lost treasure. Of course, there is a bad guy after the same treasure who has a lot of goons that Jack and company get to beat up.

This poster is as serious as the movie gets.

Since I went into this with really low expectations, I was pleasantly surprised at the budget this movie has. The team visits many places, and along with some wirework there is a lot of neat CGI (though obviously CGI - not life like enough to fool people). The story itself is a bit flat and predictable but Jackie Chan's antics certainly help lift it up.

Also, there's not much yoga but there is a lot of melee fighting, which for me is great. Not the best movie Jackie Chan has made, but if you are a Jackie Chan fan then you would probably still enjoy this. I give it 2.5 Indiana Jones references out of 5, and yes - I would watch it again!

Friday 1 February 2019

February 2019 Status

Sigh. So many things still to do from last time. Reminds me of something an instructor told me years ago: The only thing in my way is myself. Apparently this still is the case. I also found an unexpected wall which will slow back log clearing down a little - my monthly download limit. Some of the games have huge file sizes which means I'll need to be clever in my download scheduling.

    End 2019 with less weight (no change from last month, total: no change)
    Make board game prototype (no progress)
    Complete web comic chapter 1 (no progress)
    Clean out wardrobe (no progress)
    Deal with overhanging trees (no progress)
    +Clean the roof

Backlog Update:

FROM GIFTS (or freebies)
Batman: Arkham Knight (done)
Dying Light
Shadow of War
Satellite Reign
Battle for Wesnoth (had enough)
Lego Lord of the Rings
Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Baldur's Gate
Baldur's Gate 2
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt
Fallout Tactics (done)
+Another Sight: Hodge's Journey
+What Never Was
+A Story About My Uncle
+Deponia: The Complete Journey

Board games:
Mice and Mystics Campaign (6/11)
Zombicide: Black Plague Campaign (8/11)
London Dread Campaign (0/4)
Adamastor (0/2 modes)
Escape from Colditz (1/2 modes)
House of Danger (done)
+Pandemic: Fall of Rome