Saturday 9 February 2019

A Story about my Uncle

If you want to be happy, don't read the signs.

In this first person platformer, you play as a curious boy who finds himself in a strange land full of floating rocks. While you are given solid controls, nifty gear, and many many checkpoints to help traverse this place expect to die a fair bit (hence the many checkpoints).

Really fun while also really challenging!

While most of this is just about traversal, there is an ok story happening too complete with voiced characters. Strangely, the main characters voice acting is the weakest. Also, be warned this is a short game - I finished it in just under 3 hours, but missed many of the hidden collectibles. Still, if you like platformers - especially first person platformers, I would recommend this one. I give it 2.5 eyeballs out of 5.

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