Tuesday 13 June 2023

Chernobylite: Rent

[Part of the Wasted Land story]

Igor and Ollie begin separately scouring areas for food, weapons and intel - mostly stolen straight from the NAR - but thanks to Ollie's stealth training tutorial Igor manages to sneak around the NAR soldiers without too much hassle and makes it a point to take them out quietly. Good on the game for punishing your mental health if you just knife everyone, and that Ollie can train you in choke holds so that you can actually KO the soldiers instead of killing them which doesn't wreck your sanity.

On the fifth day, Mikhail, the owner of the warehouse they are based in calls in the favor Igor owes him (nothing is a "free" rental after all) - he wants an NAR database wiped. Igor does the task but only thanks to Mikhail causing an explosion in a building nearby to distract the guards, and the fool catches himself in it - getting stuck in a dark building so it is up to Igor to rescue him.

It's a good thing Igor brought Ollie's revolver for this one because there are also Chernobylite shadow monsters lurking in the buildings, and they quite happily make portals on any flat surface to enter / appear from. Doubly unsettling when the entire structure is filled with poisonous hallucinogen! After a stressful few minutes, the two men manage to escape and return to the warehouse.

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