Thursday, 11 June 2020

Wasteland 2: Show Business

[Part of the Wasted Land story]

Hollywood is a massive place, and while the Rangers help out in menial matters such as clearing out animals from the graveyard and stopping a slaver ring there is a more political power struggle here - that between the city's leaders and God's militia. As the current madam mayor is pushing for a more violent resolution to leave her control of the armed forces, Frances tries to find a more moderate approach.

Who needs moderation when it comes to sexy bridges?

An opportunity presents itself in the form of one of the church leaders who is questioning his organization's righteousness as he has fallen in love with the madam mayor's assistant. Positioning him to take overall control is a simple matter of assassinating the other, easily manipulated leaders. Takayuki's energy axe makes short work of them in isolated areas of their base.

Getting the mayor's assistant enough votes to become mayor herself is more challenging as it involves a bit more footwork and some blackmail. Securing the final vote involves tracking down who is stealing weapons from the gun shop, and as the team is split up for the stakeout it is Frances who spots the store clerk selling arms to a synth! She tries to stop the deal without waiting for backup and is mercilessly gunned down in a filthy back alley before her team can deal with her attackers (violently).

Being the most veteran squadie, Malice takes charge and oversees the mayor get over thrown and a tentative peace treaty formed between the quarreling factions. He then follows up on the possible locations of the robot threat and is given the coordinates of a base by the ocean... their next destination.

Insight: There's a not-so-secret path near Matthias' TV which saves a lot of time in reaching the militia base.

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