Wednesday 24 June 2020

Fallout Shelter: Vault 465

[Part of the Wasted Land story]

They didn't know what triggered the explosion, but Rattlesnake knew it was bad. With his wife Sarah Silverlight and allies, El Duce, Wroughtfield, Syn and a native from the Abanqueiro Ocean they made their way into the vault that was previously guarded by hostile robots. On the way they find a band of crashed aliens, Spikelor Bordooshio, Flixxel Gooplet and Goliath Arp being led by Bob O'Reagan who had rescued them, and himself from impending slavery (at the cost of some of his friends).

They happily take them along as the vault is spacious and quite inviting, but seemingly restricted in improvements unless they can find even more dwellers. Or make them. The arrival of a lone wanderer, Skrmischa, and two single mothers, Maxine and Bardo, and their sons Billy and Harold, is welcomed - but Rattlesnake tells them and the other women, including his wife, what was to be expected of them. They didn't have much other choice so the orgies began.

There's a lot of boom chika wow wow...

Soon with enough inbreeding, the population started to grow and a radio room was even setup to draw in more wanderers, such as Spikelor's friend, Stomachio Timeflies. Having a good base number now, Rattlesnake was happy to start sending a few people on quests out in the wasteland.

Insight: Remember to check on and recall your wasteland wanderers as they will eventually die if you forget about them.

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