Tuesday 11 October 2011

Piano Zombie

Mabinogi sure has me in its clutches again as the next storyline arc (G15) is set to release in the next week or so, so I'm busy preparing gear for that in game. Also been hitting L4D2 with my guildies a fair bit trying to get through the campaign on expert mode (again) for one of my brother's lost achievements. It's great fun even if we only have managed to clear Dead Center so far. Infact my only gripe with it is the constant updates. It's great they keep updating the game. Not so great that I cannot play it if I don't update to their dictated patch. It's like they assume everyone has unlimited downloads or something. :(

Anyways I did manage to finish my sig entry, and just for kicks I'm putting a piece I did a few months back during the reneissance comp up here too. Other than that I've been busy learning piano pieces but not much else in the productivity track. Mr. Jobs' ghost would probably be upset with me. :(

Speaking of piano stuff, here is one of my favourite pianists - Arcadi Volodos.

Project Status:
Flash game #1 - 14% (Coloured in some BGs)
Mysterious book - 0% (oh yeah, I was meant to be restarting? :P)
Mabinogi: Forum Signature comp: 100%
Mabinogi: Labu Art comp: 75% (just need to fix some shading and add a BG)
Mom's magic book - 0% (just data-entry, but I'm putting it here to remind myself to do it)