Sunday 31 July 2022

Warframe: Xoris and the Steel Path

After completing all the nodes in the original star map you are continuously harrassed invited to attempt "the Steel Path" which basically lets you do all the nodes again, but this time with super powered enemies (+100 level, armor, etc). Since I'm now Mastery Rank 18 (which is the same level as our guild hall in Neverwinter Online) I thought I'd give it a try - and promptly found myself overwhelmed.

I wasn't ready!

Which is great, as it forces you to learn more about weapons and builds to actually handle the increased threat which now includes acolytes of the Stalker invading every five minutes or so. It's still early days but I've found a solution in the Xoris, the frisbee Nef Anyo gives you during the rather early "Deadlock Protocol" quest. Using a heavy build to capitalize on double explosions (because apparently warframe frisbees can explode AND still come back to you) I've Firewalker Loki'd my way through a few of these now, with a Scourge primary to corrode the ones that need some armor reduction before throwing the Xoris at them.

It's good that there are five steel path alerts that take place regularly too, increasing the odds of finding a squad to go with. What I've noticed though is that in all of them I'm the only one using non-prime / non-lich gear. Maybe that will be my thing, to try beat the steel path without any primes. They're a pain to collect / pay for anyway. We'll see how we go. In the meantime, my reward is the Xoris totally obliterates everything in most normal missions now which is pretty sweet. :)

Saturday 30 July 2022

July 2022: Day 158 of the war

It's been another month of battle and thanks to constant ammo depot explosions near the front and reports of "scoring own goals", Russia needed a brief operational pause this month to steady their supply while simultaneously recruiting (more) felons to boost their ranks and up their war crimes. This possibly also includes quitting from the International Space Station. Maybe they need their cosmonauts in the fight too?

Their ally, Belarus, is also saber rattling against their Polish neighbors while providing Russia with an airfield close to Ukraine's borders while "neutral" party China, who enjoy dictating terms to religions and the USA, has just sent troops and equipment to Russia for some military olympics? That's a real thing and not an "oh, now Russians have new Chinese arsenal/reinforcements"? Cool, I'd watch that if it was televised.

Meanwhile Ukraine is still playing host to international leaders while using any means, including Tindr, to defend their land but they still have time to make funny stamps. They did lose an ally in Boris Johnson who resigned as the UK PM this month, but at least he went out with a "hasta la vista, baby" and not just via an overseas email or by fatal, home-crafted shotgun shot.

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Thursday 28 July 2022

Mom (TV Series)

An addictive series that deals with addiction.

This eight season uplifting comedy follows the lives of a mother daughter duo (wonderfully portrayed by Anna Faris and Allison Janney) who are both recovering addicts that start out vehemently hating each other. The sharp writing excellently handles the light hearted comedy with sudden, very heavy topics being thrown in the mix and back again which makes almost all the characters endearing with loads of room for growth. 

We could watch this show all day.

This trait makes it easy to overlook the lower budget technical stuff (like green screen) used here, as well as how it becomes quite noticeable how little anyone actually eats despite a good chunk of the show taking place at a bistro. Just very minor points on an overall very entertaining and fun series. Highly recommended, and as a plus, the episodes run for a very short 20 minutes which makes it easy to dip your toe in.

Tuesday 26 July 2022

Warframe: Archons of the New War

Having just completed The New War, I thought I'd try do a not too spoilerish post for some possible troublesome foes in it. Ok, maybe only I had trouble with them but whatever. :P 

I found the random school tests to be fun!

First up, before you can even think of doing the New War you need to own a railjack and a necramech and be up to date on the main story (unlocked and played through Prelude to War). Now for tips on the some of the big baddies namely Owl, Wolf and Snake - and the order you fight them in is totally up to you. Just don't try melee whichever you pick as the first two.

Owl floats about, firing lasers, creating streams of electricity or going in a shield to heal (which you can walk into to shoot him and stop that process). I picked him first, found him really annoying, literally quit the mission and left him for last. And I'm glad I did because you are in a better position to beat whoever is last.

Wolf is all about being close and tearing you up, so he will charge and leap and deploy fire for some reason. He's pretty simple, just stay far away and dodge when you see him winding up to leap or charge etc. He is also a Narutard and summons clones while he hides and heals. Shoot the real one (the only one holding weapons) to stop that process. You can also quickly find the real him by using your #3 gifted ability to spot his arrow on the mini map.

Snake pretends to be scary with that giant head which occasionally turns you into stone so if you see the eyes light up, look away and if she starts charging a large glowy red sphere around herself, take cover because that's an AoE. Otherwise her attacks go in straight lines that do not track, which makes her simpler than Wolf. I stayed close and just ran circles around her while shooting and "dodging". That is in quotes because simply by running in a circle means she can't hit you with her other attacks.

I feel like that's enough info to get anyone through them. Really cool quest line, and pretty long too. Worth noting that for the entire duration Warframe becomes a single player game until you can finish it though so plan accordingly.

Monday 25 July 2022

Warframe: The Hungry Helminth

In a back corner of your ship lives a hungry infested creature who you might be able to access if your warframe gains an infested cyst or if you simply are in a Nidus. To make the most use of it though you'll need to unlock its systems from the Entrati family on Deimos.

This hungry worm is a great resource eater and will happily take away all those hard earned materials that you need to build more things, but in return... he lets you modify warframe abilities, provided you let him eat your warframes too (and yes, they are gone - you can even watch them get digested).

Queue me, being slightly annoyed at selling my other warframes when I could have been feeding them to increase the worms power!!! On the flip side, it gives me a reason to farm them again. 

is tasty!

Each warframe has a defined ability the Helminth "learns" after eating it, and afterwards you can plug that into any other warframe, in any of its four power slots. It has a few brand new abilities that it learns as it levels up (eats stuff) that you can plug in as well, with the limit being you can only put one "alien" ability into a warframe. So I can't make an Excalibur use all of Loki's abilities for example, but I have done the following:

Firewalking Loki

Decoy/Invis/Switch Teleport/Firewalk (from Nezha). While this removes the awesome utility of radial disarm, it does give me a power I can use while invisible that actually works on infested, makes me move faster, sets enemies alight, and stat cleanses any allies including myself that walk over the flames.

Since I'm also highly duration built, the firewalk lasts for almost a full minute meaning it doesn't interfere with my perma-stealth build.

Empowered Gara

Shattered Lash/Splinter Storm/Empower (from Helminth)/Mass Vitrify. I never liked Spectorage anyway, and this way I can cast empower first, which gives +50% strength to whatever I cast next which would be mass vitrify (I only use her for defense stuff so shield up!) which makes the glass barrier that much stronger.

Thinking of giving the Revenant Titania's Spellbind in place of Reave, and need something for Excalibur Umbra. I tried Wukong's Defy on him but I'm not sure I'm happy with that so far.

Sunday 24 July 2022

Warframe: Chroma and Xaku

The dragon and the skeleton who are both piece-meal frames.


After collecting his main blueprint from the quest "The New Strange", you'll notice Chroma is actually made up of a bunch of other warframe pieces - Volt, Ember, Frost and Saryn. Thanks to that last one being locked behind Kela de Thaym on Sedna who requires you to win Sedna arena matches before you can fight her, it might be awhile before you can make this guy. It is quite thematic though since he can use any of the elements (Lightning, Fire, Ice and Toxin) in his abilities.

He can breathe [element], ward an area with [element], use his pelt like Dr. Strange's cloak as a buddy to guard an area using [element] or Vex Armor which improves your armor if your shields are hit and improves weapon damage if health takes a hit. Do you see a problem with Vex Armor? Yep. You must get hit to benefit from it. Since his pelt is not mobile and doesn't use your weapons it isn't as good as a spectre or Wukong's twin, and the whole mechanic of tap this button to cycle something and hold it down to use isn't great for me. Not a frame I ended up keeping for very long.


With the main blueprint available from "the Heart of Deimos" quest, you can collect the rest of his blueprints from Cambion Drift bounties. Lore wise this frame is actually composed from remnants of lost warframes which might explain its unique skeletal look. It is the only frame so far that can add void damage, pull enemy firearms away and then have them float along and fire back at his foes, explode his outer layer and run around as bones which lets him move faster and autododge 75% of any damage, and "cycle through a trio of powers" ugh. Boiled down these are charm, hold person, and damage beam.

While it is an interesting one to use, it mostly caught my attention for the void damage bonus. 75% evasion is not as good as the 100% god-armor (mesmer skin) of the Revenant or 100% not being attacked of an invisible Loki. Eventually I ended up burying this skeleton back in the ground.

Thursday 21 July 2022

Warframe: Solaris United Standing

Since there's a bit of content gated behind maxing out the Solaris United (SU) standing I thought I'd put up some quick tips on how to grind that quickly, though your mileage may vary since there is a daily cap that is directly related to your current mastery rank. More mastery rank lets you gain more standing per day, but gaining mastery rank is a grind in itself! :P

First you absolutely need transportation, so finish the Vox Solaris quest to get a K-drive board at minimum to help do bounties. Realistically I'd say put this off until you've build an archwing launcher though as it really speeds up everything.

Each "level" of friendship with SU also requires a tithe of items that can sometimes be bought from Ticker at a steep cost - but more likely you will need to grind out the bounties for the appropriate debt-bonds as each tier drops the relevant debt-bond. Ideally work on these first so that you don't get "gated" as you rank up.

Buy a Sunpoint Plasma drill from Smokefinger in Fortuna when you can, as it is cheap, a really good mining tool and you can trade mined stuff for minor standing. The cave just North West of the Transit Depot in Orb Vallis is a great place to dig as long as you don't mind the occasional Corpus patrol (usually two by the time you've dug all the spots).

Once you have an archwing launcher also get a tranq rifle, either from The Business in Fortuna or Son on Deimos. Having this pair of items will fast track your standing using this simple method:

-Set your session to friends or solo only
-Go to Orb Vallis and ignore all the hunting markers
-Fly directly North of Fortuna (if you ever need to find it again, just go directly South and look for the black smoke)
-As you fly you will pass a few clusters of giant mushrooms, the furthest being in a valley beside the Temple of Profit
-Go back and forth between this valley and the previous cluster you passed on the nearby mountain ridge
-You are hunting sawgaws (birds) that usually spawn in groups of three that land on said mushrooms, they make a distinct cawing sound. Hard to shoot at from the ground - easy if you are flying.
-Tranq and capture each and repeat going between those two mushroom points. Each normal sawgaw will give you 400-800 standing, and they spawn pretty quickly - sometimes as rares which give even more standing.
-Once they don't give standing on capture you've either reached your cap for the day or the "wall" that needs you to upgrade your standing with Eudico.

That's it. Pretty simple once you are at that point, so your main hurdles reaching it will really be getting the archwing launcher and collecting the debt-bonds from Ticker or Eudico's bounties. Focus on those first and you'll be sweet.

Wednesday 20 July 2022


It's Batman vs Superman. Again.

Things go badly when Superman becomes the victim of one of Joker's schemes, which apparently is possible on this version of Earth since their heroes are a bit stupid. I do like that the main plot basically puts heroes against each other, that the fight animations are quite good, and that people are dying left and right to some of the silliest things. 

Foolish alien outsmarted by a clown.

Definitely enjoyable if you just turn your brain off. The only other thing that bugged me was that they draw knuckles as black rectangles... very distracting. Anyway - if you just want to see DC heroes fight and die against each other then definitely watch this, otherwise you aren't really missing much.

Tuesday 19 July 2022

Warframe: Vehicles

There's a surprising amount of rides available in Warframe so I thought I'd just quickly cover those off, at least the ones available before the New War anyway.

Orbiter / Landing Craft

Your main base and home which you get near the start of the game, and can be decorated and painted how you see fit. The craft itself can be changed from the default "Liset" with a lot of scavenging and building or a lot of platinum. Each has their own version air support which I've not ever used so far.


Made early on from a quest with the same name, this jetpack basically lets you fly around in space which unlocks a lot of missions for you. I highly recommend taking the time out to get the archwing launcher though, and the painful oxium grind is worth it when it lets you use the archwing in atmosphere as it simplifies many of the open world bounties.

If you max out your Solaris United syndicate standing in Venus, you can also then start working for Vox Solaris syndicate and their Orb Mother heists. Part three grants you the tech to use those heavy archguns in atmosphere too, unlocking a heavy weapon slot in your arsenal which is pretty nifty as it can then be used in ANY mission.


Finishing the Vox Solaris quest (which is easily acquirable by visiting Venus as opposed to the Vox Solaris syndicate who are standing locked behind Solaris United) grants you a free K-Drive / Hoverboard. It's a pretty easy quest line and the default board will serve as a good steed until you get that in atmosphere archwing. Note that this can only be used in open world settings. If you want to use it in regular missions you'll need Yareli.


Built during the Rising Tide quest which I previously wrote about, its surprisingly easier to build this large space cruiser than it is to get that in atmosphere archwing. The game mode it introduces is one I very much enjoy too and as a plus, the credits and resources in space are plentiful!


Without a doubt the most annoying vehicle to build are the big pilotable robots on Deimos. While you can sample one in the Heart of Deimos quest line, owning your own requires increasing standing with the Entrati family as well as a few other syndicates to get blueprints needed for the build and then mining, fishing and harvesting for the parts - the most irritating of which are the "damaged" necramech parts themselves.

Yes you read that correctly, because for some reason you can't build one from scratch - you need to do Isolation Vault bounties to go into the impressively labyrinthine tunnels beneath Deimos and defeat "evil" necramechs for their parts. Pray to RNGesus because while a single part often drops (but not always) that part might not be the 1 in 4 that you need. On the plus side these can be traded so if you have many engines but need a casing you might be able to side step the grind with some social connections.

As a plus, your built Necramech comes with a decent heavy gun that you can also use in your archwing or in atmosphere if you have unlocked the heavy weapon slot. Why do that? Because the heavy weapon slot is available in every mission while the Necramech is limited to open world stuff - but it sure tears things up when you have one.

Sunday 17 July 2022

Warframe: Equinox and Revenant

Night and Day and Dead?


Farmed by punching Tyl Regor at Uranus over and over, this one is a bit of a pain to build since it requires more blueprints than most other warframes - naturally eating more resources. Luckily those resources are pretty common so it's more the credit cost that will sting. Once done you have a warframe that functions as two warframes!? Unfortunately this isn't in the cool way like the Wukong twin, but instead the Equinox has a night and day mode each with their own set of powers. Basically for one frame you get SEVEN powers! Isn't that cool!?

She can enrage enemies or put them to sleep, reduce enemy damage or increase ally damage, and lastly can make enemies bleed or increase allies shields. Just from that list you can tell that she is heavily weapons reliant, and designed with a squad in mind. Obviously I didn't like it. :P


While you need his main blueprint from the Mask of the Revenant quest, his other parts are available from the higher level Earth Bounties. This thing feels like a much better Nekros in theme and power. It can force enemies to fight for it (which is viral in that afflicted enemies "charm" the next enemies they hit and so on), turn into mist that does a % damage to enemies while being immortal and restoring health and shields, twirl around with lasers that automatically use the damage enemies are least resistant to, and my favorite - a spammable "turn on armor" with a set number of charges that absorbs all damage per hit making him effectively immortal.

I'll describe that last one a little better: turn on the armor gives you say 6 "charges". Take a hit of 1 damage or 1 million damage absorbs one charge. You can be hit 5 more times without taking any scratches to your shields or health. Or you know, turn on the armor again so you are back to 6 charges. Whaaaat? He is pretty simple to use and is great even unmodded, which is why he's now going to be permanently in my stable while I plug reactor potatoes and formas into him. Fantastic frame, just a little power hungry.

Thursday 14 July 2022

Warframe: Nezha and Wukong

A pair of Chinese themed warframes available from the Tenno lab.


Fire is the main theme for Nezha, who can leave a trail of stat cleansing flames for allies or just actual fire for enemies wherever he walks, throw a flaming Frisbee that he can teleport to or spin it around to be near invulnerable for a few seconds and lastly he can impale an area of enemies onto spears, because Nezha clearly loves to BBQ. His passive of being able to slide faster and farther on all that BBQ oil just emphasizes this (or ok I just like BBQ and it has nothing to do with it).

But his is a slow cooking BBQ, unlike the Ember who if I recall correctly is all "fireball" and "meteor swarm". In fact, he basically felt like a more flame oriented and slightly better Excalibur to me where he wasn't bad at anything, and quite speedy and tanky (probably very tanky if geared right).


Based on the Monkey King, this frame's passive is that the first five times it should die/go into bleed out, it simply doesn't. He can also summon an exalted staff, turn into a cloud which lets him fly invisibly while being immortal and status cleansed for a few seconds (but you can spam it, even in mid air), defy all damage (again being immune) by simply taking all the hits and then returning them in an AoE attack, and my favorite: summon a celestial twin which is basically like a free and super active specter who will use range if you are on melee and vice versa.  

An excellent frame if you have good weapons, especially since you can summon a specter on top of using the celestial twin. I heavily used this for doing the Index mission sections in the Glast Gambit quest armed with a Zarr and Sydon and had a really hard time letting it go due to frame slot constraints. At least I don't need to grind for the blueprints if I want it back.

Wednesday 13 July 2022

Warframe: Gara and Garuda

Two frames you acquire through bounties and while the blueprint RNG can be a bit annoying it's harvesting all the planet side resources to build that might take awhile. Before we talk about those we have a new code to redeem on the market today: TENNOCON2022, which gives some credits and resources which are always useful.


Collected from Cetus bounties, lore wise Gara is the glass warrior as that's what all her abilities revolve around. She can summon a glass long sword, wears glass armor that can passively blind enemies if she stands in light and shatter to have a cutting aura, trick enemies into attacking a carousel of mirrors and my favorite: create a circular glass wall which also turns enemies caught within to turn into glass. Only in that last instance (enemies) is glass brittle, because in Warframe glass is apparently super strong!

That glass wall is fantastic in defense as it combines both the area denial from Vauban's Bastille and bullet protection of Frost's snow globe with the downside that with enough damage, the wall will break. If you intentionally shatter the wall with the glass sword it can do massive damage too. Pretty cool frame though it takes some getting used to.


Collected from Fortuna bounties, Garuda quite literally enjoys bloodbaths as she is the only frame that I've seen so far to graphically get more and more bloody. She likes blood so much that the more she kills, the more damage she does. She hurts herself to cleanse statuses and do more damage as well, and can quickly kill or impale foes into a gruesome decoration that regenerates health and energy. Best of all, she can leap to a foe which generates an indestructible forward facing shield that eats blood which forms into a floating heart.

This heart has no limit to the amount it can consume, and when you feel like it you can unleash all of it as damage into an enemy group at the cost of dropping the shield and starting again at zero. Gameplay with Garuda is very dynamic and very fun, but also kinda risky. I definitely like this more than Valkyr and its more fun to play than Gara, but it loses when it comes to utility which means the Gara will hang around my ship for longer.

Tuesday 12 July 2022

Warframe: Oberon and Nekros

The paladin and the necromancer.

Before we get into the frames there's currently a code for two free weapons (and weapon slots) you can redeem on the warframe website on in-game market (use the button on the bottom right): WF-DEATH-BATTLE

Not sure if that's due to the upcoming Tennocon or thanks to the recent Death Battle involving an Excalibur, but either way its a win for us - use it quick before it expires! On to the frames...


Not sure how I got my hands on this paladin class warframe as it was waiting for me upon my return, and I found it to be just ok. No super strong offensive abilities but it can buff and heal allies while being pretty sturdy itself. After completing mastery on it I let it go because I'm usually a lone wolf type player anyway.

Then Wrothak shows up in a prime version to help me on a few missions (those freaking Orb Mother Heists on Venus) which just proved I was using it completely wrong (guaranteed I'm using 90% of all warframes wrong anyway since they have to "shine" for me before they get forma or potatoed/reactor) and while I was hiding from the Corpus army doing my sneaky Loki thing he was just tanking them AND the Orb Mother for a time. Definitely a frame I underestimated, just still not one for my playstyle.


Easily farmable from Lephantis on Deimos (who is basically a pinata when fighting fairy Titania) the Nekros' main draw is his ability to make corpses cough up more loot. Oh, he can also punch enemy souls from out of them, summon ghosts of killed enemies as allies and scare badddies into running away which doesn't go well with any of his other abilities.

If I needed a word to describe him it would be: boring. For the most part Nekros is a warframe without powers. His punch is weak, the summoned dead expire, and what you will be doing most of the time is double looting corpses. Bleh, not a frame for me. Luckily he's an easy one to reclaim if I ever want to.

Monday 11 July 2022

Warframe: Excalibur and Zephyr

The swordsman and the eagle.


The poster boy for Warframe is one you can grab from defeating Lech Kril on Mars (aim for the coolants on his back) or select as your starter frame. Excalibur is an OK all-rounder with powers that strongly lead to being up close and personal which works very well for plenty of early game missions. His ability to summon an exalted blade exemplifies this for those times you really want to chop things up and upon completing the Sacrifice quest, you will gain an Excalibur Umbra who is an improved version and is better suited to the enemies introduced at that point.

However I feel that's all the Excalibur is, which lets it get eclipsed by more specialized or simply more superior frames later on. I think I've used the Umbra in three missions since I've gotten it and have just stowed it away ever since.


Available from your clan's Tenno lab, this frame is all about flight gliding as she enjoys great bonuses while doing so (do more damage, enemies have a shit time hitting flying) and can stay airborne longer and glide faster than any other frame without using energy. Zephyr can also summon tornadoes which is great visually and decent crowd control, and can even redirect projectiles that have her targeted.  

These actually make Zephyr pretty sturdy and very agile in the right players hands. I only gave her up because she doesn't have the true flight of Titania's fairy mode (which handles like an archwing) nor Titania's status cleanse which is super handy against toxic infested.

Sunday 10 July 2022

Top Gun: Maverick

Talk to me Goose.

Since Maverick (Tom Cruise) never got over the events from the previous movie, which you don't really need to watch as there are quick flashback sections for it, he remains at a rank where superiors can push him around and create drama. Luckily he is also the pilot with the most dog fighting experience in recent history which is why he is recruited back into "Top Gun" to train some top tier pilots to do one particularly difficult mission.

It's a simple premise when boiled down, but it does everything perfectly - especially the flight segments. There's good tension where there needs to be, good character building, decent humor, and is captivating and entertaining at the same time. Highly, highly recommended. I give this five geese out of five.

Saturday 9 July 2022

GTFO: R7B2 - Dense (Main)

No baby sitting this time as the main mission simply involves terminal uplinks and as you might have guessed, very dense but non-poisonous fog. Loadouts this time were:

Me*: PDW/High Caliber Pistol/Shotgun Sentry/Spear
DL: DMR/Presicion Rifle/Mines/Hammer
Jim: HEL Shotgun/Precision Rifle/Shotgun Sentry/Hammer
[Bot]: HEL Revolver/Machinegun/Shotgun Sentry/Hammer

*I was testing weapons and forgot to bring ice. Oops! That said, I guess it means it can be done without ice. :P

From the drop, clear and loot then find the regular scan security door to the East. There's a tiny room of fog which if inhabited by sleepers is easiest cleared by shooting into the room and luring them out to the previous hallway. Lots of fog repellers are provided, but only use one or two to traverse to the SE door up a ladder to look for a key. This unlocks the security door in the fog pit which is a class IV cluster alarm and all the circles are in the terrible fog. Before starting that seal all the doors on the map and particularly ice/mine/inner sentry the one directly West of the first security door (from the drop point heading North, it is the first door on your right) as that is where all the baddies will come from. Use repellers here as you will definitely need to fight while doing the last few scans.

Continue making your way North to a large chamber where you'll find the first terminal uplink. Enemies will be spawning from the South while you must type in the security codes (x4) displayed on your screen (which you can't see if you are using the terminal lol). Also, you need to stay near the terminal for your typed codes to validate, but you can "look away" to help shoot. Communication with your teammates is handy.

You then need to go East through the blood door (just mine it, open and run away then shoot whatever comes out). For all blood doors always run back to cover as salvo-shooting hybrids often are behind them. I don't think there were any with this first one though. Find the key in here then go all the way West to unlock a checkpoint scan! Yay! Beyond this you'll find a large pit with both a bulkhead key and the bulkhead controls which is where you can choose to do extra missions on top of the main one.

Since we're only doing Main, select that and open the bulkhead which is a blood door. We defended the narrow passage/cliff to the right of the door since that made a pretty good kill corridor and had cover to hide from hybrid fire. Proceed as far North as you can until you get to a huge room with a sea of mist. There is a class V alarm (all team scans, so no "holding the door" tactics) which WILL put you in and out of that dense soup so make sure the room is clear, shut all previous doors to the bulkhead room, and particularly ice/mine/sentry the single door that leads into the fog sea room which you are defending. Use fog repellers and fight well. If you win, the door also turns into a checkpoint scan. Yay!

The next terminal is near, just travel in a tight U to find it in a small corridor submerged in fog. There are three doors into here, so use whatever gear you have left to defend. For non terminal users, jump on top of the terminal as with fog repellers this gives some decent sightlines across the whole room. Uplink the four security codes like last time and fight well. If you survived, good job! Now head East towards extraction while closing doors behind you. The last chamber is a big one with three scouts. I recommend bopping them quietly (or bopping 2 and shooting the last) but if you stuff up you'll need to fight more. Hopefully you shut those doors to buy yourself some time.

The door to extraction is under lockdown, to unlock it you need to go to the left of it and down into the dense fog beside the bridge (ignore stairs, just use the metal ramp near the wall to go up and down). Type in the command and get through the door. If you can do that without even touching the scouts you can. Get through the last door and onto extraction to GTFO!

Thursday 7 July 2022

Warframe: Atlas and Inaros

Powerful, sturdy, and slow. That's what these two have in common.


Supposedly once one-punched a doomsday asteroid into dust, you can get his blueprints from the Jordas Precept quest and subsequent golem assassination quests. Do note that without a super strong archgun killing the HP sponge golem is going to take a long while. I made sure to get a Velocitus from the syndicates to make this go faster.

The Atlas is pretty sturdy unless he is punching, which for some reason takes him from sturdy to invulnerable. As long as he isn't jumping he cannot be knocked down and his other abilities include turning things into stone (and then punching them for more damage), making a rock wall which he can then push into a boulder and summoning stone elementals because... why not? Ultimately you'll probably want to be boxing the entire time though, which lowers his utility in many missions for me except one: he is the perfect opponent for the melee focused teleporting bastard Tyl Regor on Uranus, who you will need to grind if you want an Equinox warframe.


You can get this Egyptian themed vampire from the Sands of Inaros quest, which is a bit tough especially towards the end as you need to fight an Inaros with a toxic bow. Easy peasy for a patient and invis Loki though. Your reward is a terribly hungry monster who almost literally cannot die. Even when he is downed, he doesn't go into bleedout pistol mode like the others - he gets into a sarcophagus that does TRUE damage (no resistance against it) and should he kill two targets (friend or foe) he returns to the fight fully rejuvenated.

His main abilities also focus on taking health from his enemies for himself, and using devour lets you eat something (slowly) while completely invulnerable, which is spammable if you have the energy to do so. Finishing an enemy this way also turns it into your minion which is neat. I felt this did make his gameplay kinda slow though - fight through an area, eat eat eat. Repeat. Who knew being immortal wouldn't be much fun? If you like blocking nukes with your face and then just laughing insanely because even that didn't kill you - this might be the warframe for you.

Wednesday 6 July 2022

Man vs Bee (Season 1) and Moon Knight (Season 1)

Man vs Bee

A "hardworking" house sitter (Rowan Atkinson) is left to occupy a wealthy estate for a week, and due to the titular bee and a boat load of incompetence which goes past Wily E. Coyote levels - hilarity ensues. This simple English comedy series has super short episodes which work exceptionally well.

If you liked Mr. Bean, you're most likely going to enjoy this as it is very much the same vibe. We loved it. Definitely recommended!

Moon Knight

It is a wonder that this Egyptian themed superhero (wonderfully played by Oscar Isaac) is anywhere near useful since he suffers from a multiple personality disorder where most of his other personalities DOESN'T know he's a superhero. In most of the early episodes you are treated to jarring cuts and many humorous instances that reflect this, which is nice artistically but kinda makes it hard to enjoy.

Luckily(?) the villain plot is pretty generic (though again wonderfully played by Ethan Hawke) so that you can focus on the main character but Moon Knight in costume is probably in it for only around 15% of the entire first season and the powers of all involved aren't really explained much. Just go with it man! I enjoyed it but it was very strange, even for me. I'll watch a Season 2 if one is made but its also ok if they leave it there.

Tuesday 5 July 2022

Warframe: Hydroid and Yareli

These water based warframes are weird.


Collected by beating up Vay Hek on Earth (which is a pretty easy fight) you can create your very own "Arrr I'm a Pirate" frame who can make it rain, summon kraken, and I kid you not: turn into water. That's actually my favorite of his abilities - to turn into a pool on the floor which drowns anything that steps on you. This form also makes you invulnerable, as slow as a snail, and drains your energy quickly. While it is fun to see your enemies get tentacled, his game play just felt slow. Not a warframe I kept very long. On the plus side, if I want him back - it's super easy to get.


Unlike Hydroid, Yareli is a much longer acquisition on Venus as you must complete the Vox Solaris quest AND the Waverider quest afterwards to get her blueprints, which you can only build at a new lab created in your dojo. While those quests are pretty cool, nabbing resources to actually build this surfer chick might take awhile. And yes, her whole stint is that she is on a K-drive / hover board creature and can "surf" around really quickly - or if you stay still she has cute idle animations, because that's what you'll be doing in missions right?

She can also make bubbles to trap and damage enemies, and have water blades circling her for extra melee damage which is pretty cool as you are limited to your side arm while surfing. Ultimately she is very fast, but you need to REALLY enjoy the hover board mechanics if you want to use her fully.

Monday 4 July 2022

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

When a dimension hopper is targeted by monstrous demon-aliens(?) it falls to Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and sorceress Wanda Maximoff (Elisabeth Olsen) to sort it out. Unfortunately this all boils down to a bunch of "oh so powerful they can't be real" spell books, a somewhat predictable plot, and a run time that is far too long for its own good.

It's magic time?

As usual the visuals are nice and the hook of being able to dimension hop introduces some cool people to fight but this is muted by some silliness like throwing in the random monsters at the end and a little too much "magic can do everything, oh except dimension hop - but it can also do that, sort of". What?

It almost feels like the creators separately thought up of cool scenes and then went: lets keep all of them and just try mash them all together! Anyway, this definitely makes it one of the weaker Marvel movies. Wandavision was better.

Sunday 3 July 2022

Warframe: Limbo and Mirage

Lore wise there are a few warframes that actually "died" (if not all of them, since you are technically piecing them together again), and these two whose blueprints are dedicated quest rewards definitely fit the bill.


Having died because she ran out of energy gives you an idea about the power hungry abilities Mirage has, and they are all super neat. She can make mirror images which still shoot real bombs and bullets based on your own equipped weapons, create traps from item drops and summon a deadly disco ball of laser beams which looks amazingly cool. She is one of the best frames to use in Sanctuary Onslaught and basically is an all around ass kicker. However with low defenses she is the very definition of a glass cannon and will often be the first to go down, especially once she runs out of power. Still a super fun frame but ultimately one I just had to cut loose due to lack of utility.


This void walker killed himself by trying to traverse across a few too many planets in one jump. Not to worry, you're not silly enough to try that again. Instead you must keep mental track of what is in the void and what isn't, because that is the main focus of Limbo who can both access and send others into the void and real realms. The only rule is that what is in what realm cannot interact with the other. This makes him ultra powerful and at the same time ultra annoying. Don't want to fight that thing? Send it to the void. Or you go into the void and avoid everything - except for that strong thing you forgot you put in the void! Now I need to type into the console... oh wait, I need to be in the real world to do that. Bleh!

It's a bit worse when you have team mates who aren't used to Limbo powers as they will undoubtedly waste attacks on something in the opposite realm because they accidentally entered one of Limbo's portals or Limbo sent that enemy there, possibly using the gigantic sphere attack which also pulls them out of the void as it shrinks? I never got the hang of it as it wasn't fun for me, and so I let this frame slip back into the void.