Wednesday 14 June 2023

Chernobylite: Acquaintance

[Part of the Wasted Land story]

Igor's previous explosive adventure caught the attention of elderly crazed hacker Tarakan and his more nimble parkour buddy Sashko who organize a series of mental and physical tests for Igor to see if he is worthy of their help against the NAR, which includes exploding more things, dodging deadly traps if you recite a children's poem's incorrectly and racing across a zone to get to the top floor of a hospital within 10 minutes and then jumping off the roof.

While that last test gains Sashko's trust, Tarakan only joins when Igor rescues him from NAR troopers making him dig his own grave. As thanks, the old hacker upgrades Igor's detector to have very little downtime and also highlight enemies (as opposed to only resources). The upgraded revolver is also doing really well against the ever increasing NAR presence with the addition of Chernohosts - humanoid monsters who happily walk out into the sunlight, unlike their shadow variants.

These soon give way to the most horrid critter type: dusters - teleporting spiders that spit radioactive goo! Igor does his best to avoid them while intercepting  NAR scientist Dr. Semonov, an old acquaintance of Igor's, who says he is being pressured to continue research for the NAR. Unfortunately he has no useful intel to add at the moment so Igor lets him leave, hoping he will be an "inside man" when the time is right.

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