Tuesday 9 June 2020

Wasteland 2: Poor Execution

[Part of the Wasted Land story]

Angel Oracle is a strange town controlled by the Mannerites, a group that prioritizes good manners. They get along very well with the squad and are none the wiser when Scotchmo steals the microscope from their clininc, however the guards still stop the team for a different reason: a death-row convict of theirs has escaped and naturally they suspect the Rangers had a hand in it.

Frances argues that it wasn't them, and the Mannerites give them an opportunity to prove it - leave one of their own members on the execution block and retrieve the convict alive. Either way, an execution will happen. To prevent an all out battle, Glenda steps forward and volunteers to stay as she has faith in her team.

They immediately begin the hunt in the nearby area and run into a nest of giant honey badgers who rip Provost to shreds! Fortunately Vulture's Cry finds tracks to follow that lead to a nearby house but a squad of gun-bots are already there firing into it. The Rangers destroy all of them but are too late to save the convict.

Returning in defeat, there is nothing they can do as the execution is carried out via twin tractors mounting chainsaws. The cries of despair are drowned out by the Mannerites cheering as the caged and chained Glenda is eviscerated, and then her meat gathered for a celebratory feast. Turns out the Mannerites are cannibals. Short of starting a war, there's nothing to do but refocus back on the task at hand, so the Rangers depart for Rodia.

What remains from the execution.

Insight: Should be obvious but stay away from honey badgers. And chainsaws.

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