Monday 8 June 2020

Wasteland 2: The Other Side

[Part of the Wasted Land story]

Since his last air unit was lost, Vargas naturally puts Frances' squad on the next chopper and sends them across the mountains which to no one's surprise is shot down too. Fortunately Malice can land the bird with only minor injury to the squad who opt to establish an away base at a nearby abandoned reservoir, fortifying the place from the wild beasts who for some reason are much stronger here.

People can actually survive this?

Once secure they try expand to a nearby industrial scrapyard too but find powerful robot workers guarding the place, and while the bots are unarmed, they still manage to knock out Glenda and Scotchmo. Luckily Provost shows up inexplicably and saves them with his heavy caliber pistol. While he opts to join the team, his foreign language makes it unclear as to why or even how he got there.

The Rangers soon meet a group of traveling merchants led by Pistol Pete who ask them to help cure a sickness spreading in the nearby town of Rodia, which seems to have been taken over by mercs who protect the town from attack by murderous Synths (robot guys) while bullying and extorting the sick residents. Pizepi works out right away that the water is the problem, but without a working microscope the local doctor can't create a cure. Fortunately, he knows the clinic in the town of Angel Oracle has one so that's where the team head next.

Insight: You will need larger caliber and harder hitting weapons on this side of the map which are easy enough to get through combat, but for the first few fights you'll need to be more cautious against the beefed up and better armed baddies here.

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