Thursday, 21 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Sole Survivor

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

Inside the super mutant base, Frances and Brian find a badly wounded mutie who in a dying hallucination, apologizes for losing his captive "the general". Not much further in, the pair find the super mutant leader - a rogue brotherhood paladin! In the ensuing gunfight, he and Brian are killed.

Frances returns alone, demoralized despite the fact that the super mutants having lost their leader have now splintered and are fight among each other. She is tasked with providing the rear guard as the Brotherhood Westward and is given five rookies to help get the three vehicles to the next base.

Oh, I've seen this movie!

A detour sees them get all three stuck at the bottom of a very dark valley. Somehow, a strange man named Riddick is here who helps lead them out. Turns out the valley is crawling with death claws, and despite the teams best efforts (especially one big lady with a dynamite spear), they are all torn to shreds.

Except for Frances, whom Riddick manages to drag out.

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