Friday, 26 June 2020

Fallout Shelter: Forty Two

[Part of the Wasted Land story]

It is expensive work reshuffling and rebuilding the vault rooms, but thanks to a mysterious stranger who brings in some resources Vault 465 finally builds a fully furnished Nuka Cola bottler which provides both food and water, and a nuclear reactor which provides more power than the previous generators.

The rooms are condensed, with a weight room/dojo at the top floor for the vault defenders to increase their strength (prime stat for combat, so keep your strong guys up top) while easily thwarting the feral ghouls that occasionally wander by. While some scavenger runs continue for awhile, further losses eventually convince the populace to put a stop to them altogether.

My end state vault. Still plenty of room for actual builder players.

As the forty two remaining souls have everything they need in the vault - power, water, food, work and companionship, they take one last look outside before sealing the vault door for good. Balance is joy.

Insight: Always click on the mysterious stranger if you find him (his jingle plays to give you a heads up) as he gives caps. Sometimes, a lot of caps!

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