Thursday 25 June 2020

Fallout Shelter: The Raiders

[Part of the Wasted Land story]

The main team assembled for exploration is Billy (Maxine's Kid), Harold (Bardo's Kid) and Wroughtfield (who has overcome his peaceful nature to use automatic weapons) and their first task is to hunt down the annoying raiders who constantly harass the vault. This goes well for the most part, as they travel far and wide - pushing back the raider territory while making new allies and even gaining a pet St. Bernard they named "Bernie" and a Mr. "Handy" robot (who clicks on things for you) in the process.

A run in with feral ghouls forces them back to base though, and it is only then they learn that a far worse threat had hit Vault 465 - a trio of deathclaws! Only 51 dwellers of the 103 survived the attack. Among those lost are Bardo, Rattlesnake, El Duce, Spikelor Bordooshio, Syn, Goliath Arp, Skrmishca and the native from Abanqueiro Ocean.

So many deathclaws...

Shell shocked by the loss, Sarah Silverlight tries convince everyone to stop sending expeditions out but only succeeds in shutting down a few rooms such as the radio room and overseers office. Billy, Harold and Wroughtfield soon depart again to hunt down the raider boss whom they eventually find, but they are unable to survive his nuke grenade attacks. Only Bernie makes it back alive.

Insight: Send a lot of health stuff with your away teams. Remember that if you don't spend a nuka cola to speed up travel, some of the health gear will get en route to the quest!

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