Saturday 16 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Bugged

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

Frances replaces her fallen squaddies with females: the nurse Mandy, all rounder Ice, and her mechanic friend Jo who quickly gets to work repairing the hummer. Annoyingly, the Brotherhood Quartermaster is short on ammo to trade so the team is next sent out to collect batteries to power energy weapons.

Their destination is an abandoned bunker but they are pleasantly surprised to find a friendly but simple tribe living above it and barter a few things before descending into the labyrinth below. A labyrinth filled with radscorpions and radroaches! Yuck!

The boss roach is car sized. Eek!

The deeper areas are only accessible by turning on the power, which in also activates the defense turrets that the team must dodge past. They finally find the battery supply in the deepest area which is home to a giant roach. Jo is crippled by the beast before it is slain.

As they exit, they power down the turrets but find it is too late for the tribe topside as the turrets there also went live and melted over half the inhabitants. Back at the base, the injured Jo is replaced with female close quarter specialist Torn.

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