Monday 18 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Defeat

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

The team is delayed in reaching the new bunker as they have to skirt around giant rats that are the size of bears. By the time they reach there, they find it in disarray as many others - led by General Barnaky, have gone to face an army of super mutants.

Big green bastards in any iteration of Fallout.

A man named Dekker, currently in charge of giving missions, sends Frances squad out as support but the battle is lost before they even arrive, switching their priorities to search and rescue. The well trained and heavily armed super mutants, genetically created for war, are having none of that though and splay Mandy's guts all over the fields while attacking their first position.

Ice is shot in the head as the team captures a bridge checkpoint and not much farther Trevor eats a rocket. Traversing through the super mutant trenches, Torn also meets her end via heavy gunfire. The other squads didn't fare much better, with Frances and Brian only able to extract an APC and four members of Talon team who tell them General Barnaky had been captured. Everyone else was dead.

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