Sunday 3 February 2019

Kung Fu Yoga

The title is worse than the movie.

In this action comedy, Chinese archaeologist Jack Chan (played by Jackie Chan) is called upon by an Indian professor to help find a lost treasure. Of course, there is a bad guy after the same treasure who has a lot of goons that Jack and company get to beat up.

This poster is as serious as the movie gets.

Since I went into this with really low expectations, I was pleasantly surprised at the budget this movie has. The team visits many places, and along with some wirework there is a lot of neat CGI (though obviously CGI - not life like enough to fool people). The story itself is a bit flat and predictable but Jackie Chan's antics certainly help lift it up.

Also, there's not much yoga but there is a lot of melee fighting, which for me is great. Not the best movie Jackie Chan has made, but if you are a Jackie Chan fan then you would probably still enjoy this. I give it 2.5 Indiana Jones references out of 5, and yes - I would watch it again!


  1. And just for that, I'm gonna have to rent it myself... I love the cheesy comedy of most of Jackie's films, even the "bad ones" are still enjoyable, IMO.

    1. And now I've seen it and... quite enjoyable.

      And Jackie Chan dancing Bollywood at the end was HILARIOUS!

    2. Wow that was quick Magson! Glad you enjoyed it, I too quite liked the cheesy ending. :)

    3. And after I rented it I found it on Netflix too so I could have simply watched it without additional cost. Ah well....