Monday 1 June 2020

Wasteland 2: Re-Activation

[Part of the Wasted Land story]

A few years have passed since the defeat of the Calculator and since that time the Brotherhood expanded greatly, with Frances seceding to the younger General Vargas who renamed the Brotherhood to "the Desert Rangers" while she retired to animal husbandry. Despite his talent the Rangers began losing their footing in the region during his command and a recent gruesome death of one of their scouts has led Vargas to request Frances back onto the field once more, as it seemed this man was killed by a robot!

Squad assembly commence!

So Frances reassembled her robot killing team of Pump and Malice. Glenda, having trained in medicine joins too, as does Angela Deth - the dead scouts lover. Their primary mission is to install repeater relays on the radio towers that have gone dark, starting with the one the scout was killed at. A metal leg found at the site confirms their worst fears, but where are the machines coming from?

Installing the relay the squad immediately receives distress calls from two locations: the Ag Center that provides most of the regions food, or Highpool which distributes most of the water. Frances opts to head to Highpool first.

Insight: When making characters, put some points into the AP generating stats or you will feel like a turtle in combat (as I did)!

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