Wednesday 27 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Brainless Fools

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

Since the robots managed to jam the minimap at the previous manufacturing plant mission, Frances recruits the small and lithe Reaver girl, Mac, to act as a scout when deploying on their next assignment - a rescue operation.

For some reason the robots had been taking prisoners and the detention facility is heavily guarded by every type of bot previously encountered. Mac uses her stealth to find the best path for the team, who fight through a poorly defended flank.

At the main compound Mac takes point again, but as the team follows they are detected and a huge fire fight ensues. With the team taking defensive position in a vacant structure Mac previously scouted, waves of adversaries crash upon the building. Mac, providing overwatch from above, is taken by surprise by a security squid who tears her limb from limb.

The team survives but is badly hurt, so they split up to assault the main building with Frances and Malice taking the second floor while the others sweep into the ground level. Another behemoth is defeated before Frances finds the hostages - all of whom are naked and lobotomized. Among them is General Barnaky.

Thanks for letting us know the details!

Insight: While cover is important in this game, more so is positioning. By default the squad likes to move in a clustered group. If that's the position they fire from then there are good odds that the front line will take friendly fire from their own companions. Position firing lines properly to succeed!

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