Thursday, 27 February 2020

LISA: What Luck!

[Part of the Wasted Land story]

After the terrible events last time, Brad finds a motorcycle that all six of them can fit on and races across the desert in a bid to catch up with his daughter. This speed ends abruptly when he crashes into RANDO the skull faced leader of the RANDOs and wrecks the vehicle.

RANDO apologizes profusely and gives Brad's gang some super RANDO rations before getting into his limo and driving off with his gang. Before the team can make use of them another gang takes them hostage and drags them to their base! The Roulette gang have only one game on their mind - Russian roulette, and if Brad's gang can win three times they will be set free. Brad, not allowed to participate himself, must choose which of his guys to play.

It's not a fun game.

Fardy goes first, sucking down on that pistol in hopes it would favor him. It doesn't. He splatters his brains all over the wall. Percy is sent next - literally shitting as his turn comes up. Click! His opponent eats a bullet. Feeling more confident, Percy goes again but this time both pull 4 clicks and it's his turn once again. He drops a massive log as the bullet busts through his cranium.

Beastborn is sent next and casually wins against the next two enemies, winning the team's freedom! The Roulette gang honors their arrangement and sends them on their way. Beastborn asks if this means his slavery to Brad's gang is at an end too but Brad says no. Brad is a terrible and awful person.

Insight: I like that you can't die in the motorcycle part, it just resets if you fall off a cliff or something. On the other hand, there is no saving in the roulette part. Enjoy losing your team members! It's game over if all of them die.

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