Friday 22 February 2019

Fallout Tactics: Possession

[Part of the Fallout Tactics story]

During the day, the vehicles are more easily unstuck but the APC is abandoned. After thanking him properly, Riddick takes the two seat scouter and goes on his way while Frances takes the humvee to Bunker Delta which isn't a bunker at all, but more an above ground fortress.

Dekker wants her to scout out the reported robot threat in the region, starting at a town who claim to have defeated one such adversary. Frances rebuilds her squad with Doc Hurt, Creeper the creep, one handed Stumpy, and heavy weapon supports Pain and Malice.

It turns out that the tech worshipping cult known as the Reavers also want the robot corpse, and aren't going to leave without a fight so Frances leads the assault against their makeshift farmhouse base. Despite their weak armor, the Reavers are carrying powerful weapons. There's also an unexpectedly huge number of them inside and around the little house.

Shooting through the town hall windows.

A grenade launched from the balcony eliminates Pain (who dies in his name sake), Creeper is exploded by a booby trapped door and Stumpy takes a lazer through the eye, frying his brain to ash. Eventually, enough blood is spilled and Frances, Hurt and Malice leave with the robot parts in their possession. 

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