Monday 11 February 2019

Batman: Arkham Knight

I hope you like driving games.

With Gotham evacuated thanks to a terrorist threat from Scarecrow, the streets are now filled mostly with goons of the regular rogues gallery and an invading army of soldiers who are mostly there to hunt Batman. Fortunately, Bats has a new toy in this game - the Batmobile - a powerhouse which will either make of break the game for you.

Why? Because as cool as the car is, it's like 70% of the games' focus suddenly shifted to it. There are multitudes of races, chases, combats, and puzzles (yes, damn you Nigma) that can only be solved with it. If you like driving games, then this should be good news for you. If you hate driving games like I do, then it becomes a tedious chore.

Punching the Riddler is one of my fave moments.

It's a pity because the rest of it (other than the ending which I disliked) is great, especially the bits where you can play as other characters... if only you didn't need the damned car most of the time. I give it 2.5 "non-lethal" exploding bat-rockets out of 5.

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