Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Fallout Shelter: The Great Purge

[Part of the Wasted Land story]

Unable to reach the exit due to a flanking swarm, the remaining Vault 40 survivors retreat into separate rooms and lock the doors. This of course only serves to trap them. The roaches soon invade the power station and make quick work of Smedley, Carol Black and Payday.

Totally freaking out, Shocklord uses his lightning powers and full blast - eliminating waves of the insects but at the same time hitting the power generator itself. The machine goes into overload and explodes, setting most of the vault on fire. While this does force the roaches to flee, the fires also roast alive Jane, Nicki, Lanfey, Rage Metalhead, Hawkes, Charybdis and Shocklord himself.

Everything's on fire!

Only Maxine and Bardo who managed to hide in a bathtub of water survive the event, and with the coast clear, opt to take their chances in the wasteland rather than remain in this awful and forsaken place. Eventually both women give birth to sons, and are forced to try find another place to stay away from the radiation. It is then they find a similar looking door imprinted with "Vault 465".

Insight: You can revive deceased dwellers for caps, just not in survival mode.

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