Thursday 4 June 2020

Wasteland 2: Darwin

[Part of the Wasted Land story]

After braving an irradiated valley the squad reaches Darwin City only to find it inhabited by zombie like ghoul-mutants! Slow but sturdy, these take a lot of bullets to put down - even with Provost's extra gun. Luckily Angela finds a small side street for the team to dodge most of the horde, and are led by Provost into a strange bunker. Inside, another ghoul - this one still friendly - stands among the remains of a robot man.

The ghoul says the robot deployed some sort of device on the lower floors, causing his kind to go mad and asks the Rangers to switch it off. Frances agrees. The basement is crawling with more zombie types though whom the team avoids via use of air ducts, but still have a shoot out against automated defense turrets guarding the cage of one peculiar green mutant dubbed "the Night Terror". Frances sets it free and it childishly decides to tag along.

It likes "candy"...

Eventually they find the corrupted generator and destroy it, freeing the zombies from their madness. One of the ghouls, Pizepi Joren, is so grateful she offers to join the team! She is accepted, as Provost stays behind to search for whatever it is he is looking for. With their task here complete, the squad heads back from the valley towards the Ranger HQ to rest and re-arm.

Insight: The Night Terror is an excellent bullet sponge, but doesn't help in any other way.

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