Monday 21 November 2011

Poor Nervous Sloth

Yeah, that's me. Getting totally caned by Sloth in the form of high level stress. :( So much so that I've not even gotten the game with my namesake yet. So, what's causing all of it? Well, I just bought a house! Woohoo! :D *PANIC! STRESS!*

Paperwork, deadlines and large amounts of money are not a good combination. We'll only be getting the keys early next year if all goes according to plan. *crosses fingers* In the meantime, I think I'm going to go lie down. x.x

Thursday 3 November 2011

Old and New

Seems my productivity levels have dropped off entirely as of late, I just cannot seem to find the "groove" that seems so easy for others to find. Still managed to pull off a few Mabi contest related things, but I'm beginning to wonder if it is worth my time doing them.

Yes, for the second one I was trying to make her look 10 years old. Didn't seem to turn out correctly. x_x

Also I recently visited one of my old Ultima haunting grounds: Shadowcove, where I was saddened to learn about the death of one of my friends there. I never met Tony Barnett in real, but his passing still upset me - someone who lives on the opposite end of the globe. Who says you can't make worthwhile connections through online gaming. Anyway, while I was there I grabbed some of my old stuff as a keepsake.

Speaking of MMORPGs, my brother is keeping an eye out for one that our guild can all get back into and his latest one is Fallen Earth. In its post apocalyptic future setting, you can run around, build guns and motorbikes and do the usual quest stuffs. Oh an every player is a "clone". That's how they explain getting revived in the game, as the last part of the tutorial mission requires your death. Its an interesting concept with heavily borrowed themes from Fallout but once you make it out into the massive world, it seems very lackluster, and lacking in people. Also it has the annoying feature that a few other games share, and that is putting all the text you *hear* into a chat log at the bottom left hand side. For me that's very amateur. Heck, UO and Mabi can put speech bubbles above the character who is speaking, why the hell can't all these ones do it? Its pretty much for the same reason I ditched D&D Online.

I guess that means we need something that fits 3 criteria now: Available world wide, free, and has speech bubbles. Ah well the search goes on. I've put a relevant and cool song on that last link, you really should have a listen (I bought the track). :)

I've added links (on the top right) to things I mentioned in earlier postings so that they can easily be found again and changed my mind about not listing the projects I'm not working on as that would just lead me to forget them at this rate. I've gotten rid of the generic name and replaced it with the initialized name that I plan to call them. You may even be able to guess what some of them are now. :P

Hmm I seem to be running out of webspace as well, probably need to sort that out shortly. Lastly, an old friend of mine has released a new game: Zombie Life! You should go check it out and his other stuff at the Playforge. :)

Lastly I watched "Undisputed 3: Redemption" recently and it is AWESOME. Solid fighting, plenty of feats of human ability, and a pretty decent plot to boot. I highly recommend it to any martial arts or action movie fans.

Project Status:
CKT2KM (flash) - 14%
COTE (book) - 0%
Mom's magic book - 5%
DRM:FoTE (flash) - 5% (planned)
FR (flash) - 1% (base idea is there)
BP (flash) - 0% (rough idea only)
Mabinogi: Labu Art comp: 100% (done)
Mabinogi: CyberEvent make your own race: 100% (done)