Monday 24 February 2020

LISA: She's been taken!

[Part of the Wasted Land story]

The world has gone to shit; most certainly in this land where there are no more women. Yet somehow Brad manages to find a baby girl, in the middle of nowhere whom he raises as his own for years with a few of his friends. To keep her safe, he locks her in the basement and forces her to wear a mask outside.

These decisions make her cry. These decisions force Brad to ponder his own shitty childhood using with his own abusive father. Unable to cope with his feelings since he's a weak and worthless fool, he self-medicates with the pills known as Joy.

Upon waking up from his drug-induced coma, he finds his house a mess - people dead everywhere, and the girl - missing. This cannot be! He can't fail her as a father like his father failed him! Filled with rage which suits his Armstrong style karate he begins his quest to find his missing daughter and journeys into the wasteland.

It is a dangerous place.

Insight: Wow. This is certainly NOT a feel good RPG. And I already cut out the more depressing stuff!

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