Thursday 5 March 2020


[Part of the Wasted Land story]

Upon arriving at the island Fardy loudly proclaims what he's going to do to Lisa for stealing his boat, and for being the only female in the land. This leads to Brad killing him, and then proceeding to the lonely cave where he finds Lisa taking Joy while his old, abusive, and very much still alive father watches over her.

Despite his dad's change to be mellower, Brad flips out in a rage - exploding him into little bits despite Lisa trying to stop them mid-fight and getting hit for her trouble because Brad is a terrible and awful person. She runs away and steals Brad's boat. Royally pissed, Brad uses Fardy's corpse as a boat to give chase - eventually ending up on RANDO island where Brad finds a random creep leaving a permanent mark on Lisa's face with his knife. Brad annihilates the scum while Lisa runs away again - directly and purposefully into RANDO's army.

RANDO has a cool costume.

Brad attacks like a madman, finding some of his old gang - Crisp, Clint and Buff now among the RANDO forces each wanting a piece of Lisa. He kills them all with his massive supply of diesel firebombs (thank you empty bottles and unguarded generators). All 31 of them, to fight RANDO himself. Brad uses all his remaining firebombs but it is not enough - it comes down to a massive Karate battle before RANDO is defeated.

Insight: This fight would be much harder and longer without firebombs. You'll also want horse meat and RANDO rations for full heals as required.

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