Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Wasteland 2: Wreck-It Ralphy

[Part of the Wasted Land story]

As the radio tower in the Ag Center had been crushed by a mutated tree, the team journeys elsewhere to find another tower - stopping by a diseased farm to cleanse and cure it. Eventually they reach the Rail Nomads camp, and save the boy Ralphy from drowning. Both he and the local drunk Scotchmo are interested in joining the Rangers, and are accepted.

It turns out the Rail Nomads are in the midst of a civil war with the track laborers using dirty guerilla tactics and mines against the oppressive and powerful train engineers whom Ralphy is a member of. Unfortunately Frances deems the engineers to be in the wrong and during a heated discussion between the two leaders, gets Scotchmo to lob a grenade at the engineer representatives  while the Rangers gun the rest down, basically winning the war for the laborers.

What every peace talk needs... a grenade thrown into the middle! HELL YEAH!

Ralphy cannot accept this and tries to then solo the entire team. Pump breaks his neck and stomps on his face. While the situation is resolved, the fighting destroyed the radio tower. Cursing under her breath, Frances consults her map again when a strange man called Provost approaches the team and talks at them in strange tongues. Glenda works out he is asking for an escort to some place called Darwin. Provost nods and points a finger at the map.

Insight: Giant Toads can eat the weapon you are holding. This can be annoying if you don't have a backup one ready.

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