Wednesday 14 July 2021

Legends of Andor

A different take on heroic fantasy gaming.

Evil has returned to the land and it is up to four players to cooperatively -save the day- prevent the day from being lost in five varying scenarios, aka "Legends". Obviously this is just what comes in the base box, as there are more missions and characters (which let you play up to six) on the web site.

Despite the differing goals of each legend, your main adversary here is time and it works in such an interesting way in this game. Each player has 7 moves per turn, or up to 10 if they're willing to take damage - which in turn makes them weaker in combat, to do things. Once all players have moved it is then the monsters turn to take one step (or two if its a dog) in the direction of the handy white arrow on the board. 

Prepare your mathematics well before facing the dragon.

This makes them quite slow, but since they are not allowed to share a space with each other they can leap frog which suddenly speeds their movement to their destination, and in almost all cases too many reaching wherever they need to go will result in a loss, or a shortening of the time track.

The other thing that shortens the time track? Killing monsters. Yep. So these things you need to "block" also shortens the game, which is why most of the time the quest objective is only to kill one thing or deliver one item. This is compounded when you are also required to find things in the fog, gain gold (by killing things) to buff up to fight a boss and generally need to be in more places than time allows.  

Definitely more of a thinker than most of our other cooperative games so far, and I like it. I give it four black dice dragons out of five but only recommend it for game groups who are strongly cooperative.

Insight: Break monster chains to slow them down. Usually, there's also only one way to win each Legend so plan first.

Play through chapters:
Legend 1 - The Heroes Arrive
Legend 2 - Long Live the King
Legend 3 - Darkness Descends
Legend 4 - A Mine Full of Gems
Legend 5 - The Dragon's Wrath
The Star Shield?
Legend 7 - Find the Cartographer (Andor 2)
Legend 8 - The Storm Begins
Legend 9 - Lords of the Sea
Legend 10 - Hadria

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