Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Legends of Andor - Legend 4 - A Mine Full of Gems

[A board game session from The Legends of Andor]

With the castle secured for now, the heroes Rose the tracker, Joe the Guardian, DL the Warrior, Mom the archer and Juris the wizard answer the call of the dwarf king's greed to help him get (a value of 46) gold and gemstones out of the now monster filled mines (new map).

This map on the reverse of the board is used in only one mission? Crazy.

While the team is careful to use Rose's bird and a telescope to scout out the fog leading to the mine entrance, a forest fire injures them all (random card event) leaving each with 1 strength.

Juris manages to collect a full set of rune stones (granting him a powerful black dice) while Joe is the first to pick up a gem which activates the fire blasts in the underground cave (monsters eat gems when they move so you can't just leave them lying around). Luckily a shield is on hand to save him from the very first one!

He and Rose then work on breaking rubble to a dwarven storage room, and Rose ends up doing all the work (bad dicing). Inside is some handy gear and another bow that the team uses to ambush some monsters from range.

In this mission, going melee immediately triggers an alarm and even when attacking at range the target MUST die in the first round or the alarm goes off. Luckily Joe's ability makes it super easy to snipe them down.

While Joe grabs more gems and goes out to deliver them (getting singed in the process) Mom, Rose and Juris then decide to enter the secret sea (of Cthulhu apparently) and each suffer willpower damage before they can move on to the treasure chamber guarded by a troll, whom they surpisingly kill very easily (first troll killed)! :P

Meanwhile DL who has skulked around the far side for awhile now intentionally triggers the alarm (we need the gold) and begins slaying creatures that are trying to escape. Mom and Rose arrive to assist while Juris backtracks through the secret sea to clear out a cave in blocking the route back.

With it clear, Joe uses an eagle to pickup all the loot from the team inside and deposits it on the cart space... winning the mission just in time! Which is odd because his last few turns prior were... pass, pass, pass (each of which still eats an hour).

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