Saturday, 24 July 2021

The Spectrum Retreat

Who knew colors could be painful?

Waking up with amnesia as the sole guest in a hotel run by automatons which you can't seem to exit, you are soon contacted by an outside guide who confirms you may be being held against your will. Escaping involves getting to the roof by finding codes for key pads and more annoyingly, a lot of increasingly difficult color puzzles.

At least it's a nice looking place.

While the voice acting and graphics are pretty neat, and the story is somewhat interesting - what kills it for me is the amount of backtracking required, and not in the "you found key A so walk back to door A" though there's a tiny bit of that. The puzzles themselves require you walking back and forth so many times to work them out. Quite likely I just suck at puzzles! :P Still, that means I didn't enjoy this one and can only recommend it for those who enjoy wracking their brains. One and a half color cubes out of five.

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