Tuesday 20 July 2021

Rurouni Kenshin: The Final

After battling Shishio, Kenshin and his friends soon become the target of an old enemy in the final manga arc which never got animated. As a side note it will be funny if they do movies on what did get animated though but they'll need to fix up those plots majorly!

Enishi finally appears!

Anyway, the sets and cast are ok (Cho again is overacting lol). The action bits which all seem to rely on heavy wire work are fantastic again - at least in the small scale fights. Against mobs of enemies there's still that effect of lots of guys "waiting to strike / get hit" which is a shame because I remember specifically that anime Kenshin usually runs to narrow passages to remove that advantage from his enemies. Meanwhile movie Kenshin took a few (more) levels of bullet dodging.

I only have two other gripes with this flick: some quiet scenes go on longer than needed, and there seem to be fan favorite characters thrown in just for the sake of them being there. If that actually happens in the manga, I don't know, but at least two people definitely didn't need to be in this movie.

I still enjoyed this and if you like Kenshin you will too. If you are only here for the action, then there might be a few parts you'll need to be patient in. All up I give it three judgements out of five, and would watch it again... for the fight scenes.

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