Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Mazinger Z: Infinity

"Diversity is the problem."

After years of peace, ex-Mazinger Z pilot/now scientist Koji Kabuto is part of a team that discovers a gigantic Mazinger robot hidden in Mt. Fuji right about the same time that nefarious forces invade from a parallel universe to use it to rewrite reality! If that sounds super wonky, its because it is. I mean, there's a character who has a headless body and a floating head so when he gets into a robot... its a headless body and floating head.

Eye candy for the older Mazinger fans.

Also, everything Mazinger does must be voice activated because moves are yelled out all the time - and there are a lot of them! For an end of the world scenario, everyone is pretty chill too - and there's always time for comedic characters to somehow survive absolutely ridiculous encounters. Fortunately the animation is really good. Not just the fight scenes where no one ever runs out of ammo, but in particular just conversation scenes which I give an thumbs up for. Still not one I'd watch again, and only recommended to Mazinger Z fans. Two breast missiles out of five.

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