Sunday 25 July 2021

GTFO: R5A2 - Recollect (Extreme)

To get Archer another win we replayed the normal version of this mission then Jim cleverly suggested we try extreme mode, which is almost exactly the same as the normal version, with one main difference: you'll mainly be doing the whole thing in pitch black darkness. Loadouts for the Extreme run were as follows:

Jim: DMR/Shotgun/Sniper Sentry
Archer: Heavy SMG/Sniper/Auto Sentry
Me: SMG/Shotgun/Cfoam
DL: DMR/Sniper/Mines

The start is pretty much the same: find the early bulkhead key but this time unlock the "Extreme" bulkhead, which surprisingly has no alarm. Inside is a massive room where you need to find a terminal to "REROUTE_POWER". Before doing so, take note of the other security door in this area which you currently cannot open and remember where it is. Also, you might want to load up on glow sticks. Once ready, input the command in the terminal and do a regular non-alarm scan on it.

Then something goes wrong and all the lights turn off but the security door you previously could not open has now opened by itself. You need to get the bulkhead key in there, but look out for the pair of scouts patrolling. Fun facts: darkness doesn't help scouts too much. You can hear them walk, and when they stop and send out their feelers they light themselves up nicely. Thus, archer and DL did simultaneous head shots on these which was pretty awesome.

Afterwards, plug the bulkhead key back near the start to open the hard (regular main mission) bulkhead. The only difference now is the spawn will likely show up through the open extreme bulkhead door so prepare accordingly (still close the normal door though but don't bother icing). Other than that, everything else plays exactly the same as the regular mode - only in the dark, making this a pretty easy level to get an extreme win to help unlock the lower levels.

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