Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Legends of Andor - Legend 1 - The Heroes Arrive

[A board game session from The Legends of Andor]

Four heroes decide to investigate the evil that has begun to stir in the land of Andor...

From the Southern hills - DL the warrior (who gains bonus will power when drinking from wells, which directly impacts how many combat dice you get).

Rose the wizard from the North (who only gets one combat dice regardless of her will power, but can flip any hero dice in combat to the opposite side so a rolled 1 can become a 6).

Mom the archer from the Great Eastern forest who starts with a bow meaning she can participate in battles from one space away, but must roll combat dice one at a time and stop when she likes the roll (push your luck).

And Joe the short and cranky dwarf from the distant hole mine, who is basically a worse "warrior" (his ability is he can spend gold at the distant dwarf mine to gain base strength at a 1:1 ratio, instead of 2:1 everyone else gets. But if he shops anywhere else, he also gets the 2:1 ratio? Lol).

The first day is an easy tutorial where DL visits a well and a merchant, Rose and Mom explore some fog near the river, and Joe just trudges along to the castle where everyone eventually meets up.

The map is pretty big and occupies most of the table.

Day two is far more exiting, as gors (red frog men with claws?) suddenly emerge nearby along with a single skral (red lizard guy, stronger than Gors) whom the heroes must prevent from reaching the castle!

It soon becomes clear not to waste time trying to fight any of these alone and in some cases to not fight at all as each foe killed moves the time track nearer to the end (and we lose if we don't accomplish the mission by then).

Around this time, the King decides to actually tell us what the mission is: to deliver a missive to the elves in the giant tree of the Great Eastern forest - but without it ever stepping into a space with a monster ( insta-loss if that happens). DL volunteers as more gors and skrals appear - destroying the shortcut rope bridge he was hoping to use.

Ultimately while the others defend the castle, DL burns lots of will power to side step the enemies - taking cover in the dwarf mine before scooting around the far end of the river to deliver the letter to the elves for a close victory!

Not sure why all the other monsters just decide to shrug their shoulders and walk away at that point, but that seems to happen a lot in this game. :P

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