Sunday, 5 June 2022

Legends of Andor 2 - Legend 10 - Hadria

[A board game session from The Legends of Andor]

After defeating the evil mermaid, the heroes DL the warrior, Mom the archer, and Rose the tracker finally reach the frozen lands of Hadria thanks the the sickly Merrik - whom they deposit with the sorcerers of the tower: a hospitable lot who provide some gear and more importantly also gate in Juris the wizard and Joe the guardian because for the first day the two of us are forced to sit out because... bad design?

Anyway, the sorcerers ask us to deliver a peace treaty to their rivals the sorcerers of fire in the capital city to the East, along with barrels of grain to keep the populace alive over the winter - which is mechanically annoying by placing snow tokens on almost every land spot at the end of each day. Of course a number of monsters also needs to be dealt with to keep our fame up (because no point in saving the day if no one remembers you), so while the others fight off some critters and then take a hard cold hit due to not being in town or in a boat during the evening (oops), Mom races over with the ship and delivers the message.

Their response to the peace treaty is to actively march against the tower sorcerers immediately, their main dispute being that the tower guys have magic weapons and don't want to share. And so, the heroes band together on the boat and race back to defend the tower mages by killing the people they just gave grain to. The tower sorcerers are thankful, and bestow a friend upon them: the sea giant Thanos who is limited to sea spaces but can really pack a punch.

They make the most of this added arsenal to crush all the enemies they can get to, while also picking up a band of allied (mino)Tauri and crates that have the three colored runes (better dice to roll) AND the long missing witches brew (doubles your attack roll). Just as well because the dark shadow of Qurun "aka the end of the world" then appears over the tower, intelligently just out of reach of Thanos and the boat ballista - but it is still no match for the heroes who handily defeat it.

If only he spent less power on his looks.

Upon his lengthy dying soliloquy, Qurun transforms to his true form of Varkur the dark mage and puppet master to almost everything that's happened thus far - including luring the heroes so far to the North to leave Andor defenseless! With a dying cackle he finally croaks.

And that's the end of Andor II. We'll need to get Andor III before we can continue the story. All in all still not as good as the original game and way too much setup.

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