Wednesday 21 July 2021

Horizon Chase is Other Demons Obduction

Three more games that aren't for me.

Horizon Chase Turbo

A simple car racing game across various tracks which clearly has driver assist since it is actually difficult to go the wrong way / off the road. While it also offers some vehicle customization and upgrades it obviously pales in comparison to other car racers. Alas with the best art kept at the unreachable horizon, I doubt many would opt to stay in this game where your only main choice is deciding when to use your nitro boost (spoiler: the straights, duh).

Hell is Other Demons

Because apparently hell looks like various shades of red and purple pixels, this game is quite minimalist when it comes to graphics. It does capture a feeling of hell though, in that each stage / room is predominantly vertical, and to escape all you have to do is blast away the spawning enemies (most of whom fly because AI gravity is too much work) with your upgradable hand cannon. This does get old really fast and given the controls aren't the best (eg. you can't jump while shooting, but can shoot while jumping) people will quickly realize they have better games to be spending their time on.


Thank you, hologram.

"From the makers of Myst" should have been enough to turn me off since I found Myst to be a really difficult puzzle game and Obduction is no different. Basically tasked with escaping from an alien planet I have to give credit where credit is due: the place looks amazing and the theme is quite interesting. Then come my problems - firstly FINDING stuff is tough! Luckily keen-eyed explorer-type players should be able to get by. Second problem: I'm just no good with these puzzles - making the hours I spend trying to work them tedious instead of fun. Now, for those that like puzzle games I think you might enjoy this one. If not, then be like me and stay away.

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