Saturday, 8 January 2022

Legends of Andor - Legend 3 - Darkness Descends

[A board game session from The Legends of Andor]

The Prince has somehow learned that these attacks are stemming from an evil wizard, and tasks the heroes Juris the Wizard, DL the Warrior, Joe the Guardian and Mom the archer to end his evil plan.

Also joining them today is Rose the tracker, who comes with three extra items she can use once per day at the cost of having less will power and overall strength than the others: a bird that can flip "hidden" tokens, a dagger to reroll combat dice, and a horn to let everyone roll their full combat dice in one battle she takes part in.

Before they can stop the plan they each must complete a random fate assigned to them... all while defending the castle!

First off is DL who manages to snag two rune stones and drop them off at the dwarf mine. He also has a painful duel with a gor that leaves him with 1 strength!

Mathematically, that's a bad idea.

Next is Mom who manages to get a herb and a witch brew (the witch found by Juris this time) and deliver it to the castle which the Prince also helps defend for a bit - but he is taken off the board early.

Rose's task of escorting a farmer all the way out to dragon mountain is the third fate completed, with a lot of help from Juris and Joe who clear skrals and gors from the Northern bridge loop.

Finally Juris and Joe each have to kill gors in the forest, with one being super powered. It doesn't matter as DL arrives to help and both are thrashed. This reveals the evil wizard's greatest creation... an ensorcelled gor who matches the strength value of anyone fighting it!

The extra part of "if it gets to the castle, insta-game over" didn't really matter as the heroes already had all available castle shields taken by trolls whom they simply avoided.

Luckily, the ensorcelled gor isn't really a problem as Mom, DL and Juris massacre it with spare witches brew that they brought along. Another close win and another mission done!

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