Friday 9 July 2021

BDO: Across the Sea

[Part of my Adventures in Black Desert Online]

Having some naval experience now, I befriend the Lamute gang who are exploiting a war between the otters and papus (cute cat things) out on the islands. It's puzzling why there's a war at first, as otters primarily trade in fish while papus trade in fruits but I soon discover it comes down to their opposing religions. Opting to leave them to it, I rob the Lamute gang of their cog ship instead and make my escape to the Crow merchant guild's island base and get roped into their arena combat.

While the first fight against a large wolf is easy (just Dark Souls it and stay beside their hind leg), the second one against Liono a lightning lion man proves tricky but beatable. The third fight is against the female black dragon bandit again, who I've previously fought at Gahaz's canyon and Altinova arena, which I didn't even write about it because it was easy. Here though, she has learned a new kagebunshin clone ability which absolutely thrashes me and thus I lose spectacularly.

Side note: I seem to always get my ships thrashed too.

At least the fight was entertaining enough for them to tell me about a distant land across the great ocean which I try sail to - to no avail. The wind and current is simply too much, possibly because I attempted the crossing in a storm, and so I turn back and instead catch a ferry (automated) across the vast sea to Port Ratt in China the Kingdom of Haso. While the rest of the Kingdom is currently closed to outsiders, I do manage to help the town retrieve their holy kite while doing dive quests in the area... but some are just way too deep - even with the dive mask they gave me!

Insight: The great ocean is much like the black desert in terms of navigation. Unless you have a working compass you won't be able to use the map. Also if your ship gets stuck, jump off and swim a little bit away then right click the ship anchor icon to move it.

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