Thursday 3 February 2022

Legends of Andor - The Star Shield?

[A board game session from The Legends of Andor]

Having saved the kingdom from the dragon the heroes are relaxing at the nearby tavern when the alarm sounds as a new threat rises to attack the castle! This time around they have three (out of four) magic artifacts that can activate once a day to assist them: Rose the tracker has the flute of willpower (all heroes on same space or adjacent gain d6 willpower). Juris the wizard has the horned eagle (aka "horny bird") that can be used like a regular eagle or help in any battle by reducing the number of dice an enemy gets to roll. Lastly, Joe the guardian has an hourglass that can retrieve 3 hours from the time track.

DL the warrior and Mom the archer round out the team and everyone mobilizes quickly against the sudden invasion. Since this expansion relies on lots of randomness, in addition to defending the castle the prince-now-king asks that lumber be brought in to fix the still damaged portcullis so Juris goes and does that, while picking up some shrooms to help buy witches brew and works out with the remaining elven bodybuilders in the forest because your strength determines which / how many logs you can carry. Can't believe they added grinding! 

All about the gains brah.

While he does that the remaining heroes are hard pressed pushing back the enemy army. Suddenly from high in the mountains their boss appears - a troll pushing a siege tower? This guy must be on steroids because he moves a space for every monster on the board, making him even faster than the dragon as he ends up beside the castle in two days (if it reaches castle insta-game-over)!

Now is a good time to mention that the siege engine also ran over some hapless researcher in the mountains looking for the legendary Star Shield, around the same time some evil dude starts looking for it too. Some random wolves also start appearing to try make a mess of things (easier for weak heroes to fight, and they all move on a randomly chosen hero hour). None of that matters though as Juris completes the log task while Mom, Rose, DL and Joe eliminate the siege tower who is nowhere near as tough as the dragon ending the game in victory... without ever seeing the titular Star Shield! LOL.

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