Sunday 18 July 2021


That's who messes with him.

A home invasion triggers regular family man Hutch (Bob Odenkirk) to revert back to his more violent, previous life. It's a very similar story to John Wick, with equally gratuitous violence and some good fight scenes, but this definitely takes a more humorous approach to the whole thing.

You should see the other guys.

Alas, the big finale involves lots of people who can't seem to shoot stationary targets in the open and while I could probably head cannon a few of them simply dodging (they aren't), one of these people is a very old dude. The plot armor runs thick, and while John Wick also has that - he covers it with a good layer of actual armor (yes BS fabric but its something). Still an entertaining film, and probably more so if you have no idea who John Wick is. I give it three kitty bracelets out of five and would probably watch it again.

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