Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Legends of Andor - Legend 2 - Long Live the King

[A board game session from The Legends of Andor]

Having delivered the letter to the elves, they dispatch two new heroes to assist (using the Hero Expansion pack to make the game go up to 5-6 players):

Rose the sorceress who has a water spirit at her command (she can spend 1 hour to move it four spaces and it can help anyone in battle by letting them use the big water spirit dice) and...

Joe the ultimate crossbow wielding ninja "guardian" of awesomeness who can attack at range and weakens lesser enemies in battle (but gets less dice than the ranger).

The other heroes DL (the warrior), Mom (the archer), and Juris (now playing the wizard) are also on hand when word arrives that the king has been poisoned! The heroes must find the witch in the fog to find out how to cure him - while defending the castle from incoming gors and skrals.

DL immediately gets a helmet (which allows for critical hits somehow) and leads the defense while Joe who starts in the Great Forest scouts out the fog - finding super useful things like MORE gors and a Skral fortress!

It is Mom who eventually finds the witch, right beside the castle too, who tells of a rare herb to the South that can cure the king. While she's there she also loads up on Witch's brew potion with all the gold she, Juris and the NPC Prince (temporary +4 to combat boon) have collected during the intense battles at the castle.

Rose has also "strengthened" the castle by bringing in farmers at this point: super useful because when the fast moving wardraks arrive (strong dog type things that move really fast) the heroes just opt to let the castle take the hit.

Meanwhile DL and Joe go for the rare herb carried by a lowly Gor (and Joe gets to shoot something finally) which Joe then sprints back to the castle. DL and the others (minus Joe) then convene on the Skral Fort, encouraged by Juris to stay on mission, and using all the witches brew and water spirit absolutely smash it, even with it's Black Herald protector (enemy in the Hero Expansion pack who gives +4 to select final bosses).

The Black Herald looks a lot like this guy...

Just in time too, for by the next sunrise the game would have been lost!

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