Monday 5 July 2021

BDO: Settling Down

[Part of my Adventures in Black Desert Online]

With the refugees cured (or getting there, because vaccines like to be delayed) I spend a lot of time helping them get settled across multiple farmlands from Calpheon's Northern wheat plantation all the way across to Gilsh and up to the farms of Heidel and in the process I learn how to make a simple camp and grow some crops (omg, I finally found something worse than fishing).

I also venture back down to O'dyllita to test my increased strength against the rebel turos there and only manage to kill a handful as they are just way too tough. Even dueling them one on one lasts up to ten minutes, and given I have to defeat fifty of them to advance the Ahib quest line that will have to be something I slowly chip away at.

Instead of smashing my head against that brick wall, I busy myself hunting down the tome of an ancient bard in Dreighan, who supposedly could command dragons with his song. Getting this Chenga Tome involves zero fighting but a lot of searching and riddle answering, with some riddles asked by a telepathic llama. It's ultra trippy.

Lastly, I finally decide to buy a house! While Dreighan is my favorite zone, it simply is too far out of the way. By this metric I opt to buy a residence in a back street of Heidel, which seems to be the crossroads of the main land. Had I known it would only cost contribution points to purchase instead of actual silver, I might have done this much earlier!

I still wonder where these random airships come from...

Insight: I like how player housing works here. There are fixed, static houses/apartments for sale that anyone can buy and decorate (multiple people can "own" the same house), but the trick is the house "doors" themselves which let you pick what instance / which player's house you want to enter. This loads the selected interior without actually leaving the open world. It's awesome.

Extra points for functional appliances too such as advanced alchemy benches and beds that can only go into lodgings. Beds are especially handy as they let you recover energy at an increased rate!

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