Monday 19 July 2021


"You are a worm through time."

Set entirely in an "intelligent" building run by the Federal Bureau of Control which is experiencing an inter-dimensional invasion, this over the shoulder shooter has you play as an outsider simply trying to find her brother. The story is pretty good, as are the visuals and the easy to learn controls. The camera is something you might be fighting a bit with though!

Even the protagonist is classified.

Now I'm pretty average when it comes to shooters, so this game got pretty difficult as it embodies the lazy trope of "Surprise! Bad guys spawn from thin air!" To make matters worse, it throws in RPG elements where you need to grind random side missions to get various currencies to upgrade your weapons and abilities. The abilities are pretty cool, but grinding in a single player game reeks of laziness.

Oh noes, I need 30000 more unobtaniums so I can better kill the level 27 dude who looks exactly liek the level 1 dude but has a bigger number over their head! DUMB DUMB DUMB. At least they do have very adjustable difficulty settings in the game to suit the players abilities. I do still recommend it but with much less enthusiasm than before and give it three janitors out of five.

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