Saturday 3 July 2021

BDO: Unfinished Gem

[Part of my Adventures in Black Desert Online]

On the way to the Ahib capital, Ataraxia and I travel through the Thornwood which is home to corrupted Ahib who prefer sacrificing their kidnap victims rather than enslaving them. Somehow Ataraxia is corrupted too and goes crazy when we emerge on the other side, forcing me to kill her. Parry/Counter attack when she "vanishes" works well.

Khalk man-bats serve as the city guards.

Finally I meet Queen Viorencia at her city of O'draxxia (which has the best city music) who asks for my help in assembling a magic gem which may or may not cure this disease affecting her people: they are slowly and painfully turning into trees. I agree to assist and collect a golem's heart and steal a sacred cup deep in the Thornwood. However the rest of the assembly has to take a back seat as their enslaved turos start a rebellion and since these are very strong (and quite frankly the Ahibs deserve it) I leave to let them sort it out themselves.
I report all this back to Queen Brolina who is happy at the turn of events, and then report to the Calpheon Council that it would be a good time to attack Queen Brolina now that half her forces are committed to the civil war on the opposite border of her land. The elves might have nature, but man has fricking cannons.

Insight: I've finally hit the gear wall on the main quests with both Star's End and O'dyllita II requiring kills outside my current power level. Now we'll see what else there is to do in this game!

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