Sunday 11 July 2021

GTFO: R5B2 - Discharge (Normal)

Skipped a level today to hit this one and brought a fourth teammate, Archer, who while being new to the game (only his second win so far) highlights that having a full squad simply makes missions easier. Loadouts today are Jim: DMR/Shotgun/Sniper Sentry, Archer: Heavy SMG/Sniper/Auto Sentry, DL: DMR/Sniper/Mines, and my spray and pray load out of Machine pistol/Machine Gun/C-foam.

The normal mission is mostly straight forward: collect 9 GLP-1 canisters then return to the drop point. There also isn't much in the way of getting lost since you WILL need to visit every zone you encounter (except the harder level bulkheads). Other than sleepers this map also has some small segments of infectious fog and a lot of "spitters": cancerous growths on the wall that do minor damage to you if you walk to close without shining a light on them. No way to kill these, just remember where they are and pick your "fight/kill rooms" carefully. You will need these as there ARE scouts wandering around, and if they're in the mist - its simpler to snipe them.

There will also be blood doors in the way, but mining these properly (pointing into the door or with mines slid into the blood door) makes them non events which leave only three tricky parts to the level: #1 - be sure to look at what you plug the bulkhead key into. Can't grab it back if you accidentally put it in a harder lock. #2 - Once you get to the "bridge room" (two bridges flanking a lower courtyard) you will have a choice of doing the hard/main mission bulkhead with a CLASS III alarm or the blood door.

We did the alarm first (BUT NOT OPEN THE BULKHEAD), c-foaming the door till scans are done then using the long middle section to kill left overs with turrets. Turn the setup around to face the blood door, and repeat as needed if a scout happened to hear the blood door combat (one did in our run).

The last tricky part is a class IV alarm on a bulkhead door that needed cell generator power (the cell is in the blood door). There are two doors into this room, and for us the lower small door had been breached prior to the scans so for this setup we closed the other door, but gave more tool kits to mines and turrets. DL mined the small outer hall and ladder up, which both Archer and Jim's turrets were covering. I used the last of my ice on the floor of the breached door and the ladder access along with a cfoam grenade to buy us the most time possible.

This worked very well as only towards the final scans did we need to fight. For us this scan was 2 big circles - 4 little circles - 1 big circle. Beyond that door is the last GLP we needed so after locating it we quietly returned to the extract spot to GTFO and nothing spawned to chase us. First try victory! :)

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