Monday 28 March 2022

Legends of Andor 2 - Legend 8 - The Storm Begins

[A board game session from The Legends of Andor]

Once Merrik the cartographer comes to, he thanks his rescuers by requesting they take him around the islands so that he can redraw his maps. At least this time, he and the heroes Juris the wizard, Rose the fisherlady, DL the warrior, Mom the archer, and Joe the guardian are all together to get on the boat.

They spend the first day simply slaughtering all the monsters they can to get a "fame buffer", taking only a minor break for Juris to stop and pick up a horned cat (which he also found last game). This randomly placed horny cat is one of the three artifacts in this game and can be used once a day to steal one dice from the enemy (final foes are immune) to be used by the hero instead!

Day two is more focused one hitting all the spots Merrik wants to draw, which is pretty quick thanks to some creative gaming to make the most of Rose's free "nudge the ship one space" action which turns out to be really handy. With all the locations mapped, the ship can now sail through the rocky crags that previously blocked it. The team celebrates by spending the night at the (mino)Tauri 14 Willpower town just as a massive storm arrives and floods it, removing the 14 willpower bonus!

For some reason as the storm gets worse, the monsters get stronger.

The heroes are then tasked to ferry three groups of refugees all the way across the map to the Sea-shell dwarves which turns out to be extremely easy. Everyone except Rose simply "sleeps" (can take no more actions that day) which leaves the fisherlady enough time for the 8 hour round trip three times though she does have to burn will power towards the end (an exploit introduced with the black time markers when playing with 5+ characters). Once the last of the refugees is delivered, this legend ends in victory! Must be noted, we got lucky with the wind cards as there were no severe storms that sent the ship flying across the map this time.

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