Sunday 4 July 2021

BDO: Blackstar Bomb

[Part of my Adventures in Black Desert Online]

With all my new gear and consumable goodies, the aliens at Star's End still kick my ass - but only if the aliens are in a group. This means using caution to lure only one at a time (and carefully fighting outside the hours of 10PM - 7AM when the monsters are strongest) I can actually start beating them now which lets me advance through this quest line.

It's an ominous place.

As I thought, these aliens are actually infected people in the final or near final stage of transformation who refuse to leave the crater as its what gives them their power (and keeps them alive). With some sleuthing I eventually find out that the nearby Calpheon outpost which is run by the Church of Elion (specifically the cult branch that worships Kzarka) have been taking samples from this meteor for awhile to make anti-elf bombs. Looks like they took my invasion suggestion seriously as they'd already unleashed a few in the now empty (apart from elf ghosts) Northern part of Kamasylve forest.

Obviously they needed to test their weapon on someone first: the farmers who are now refugees outside Calpheon city. I manage to swipe the bomb formula and get it to a reputable alchemist who can go about making the cure which sorts out the sick refugee problem... now it's just down to a standard refugee problem.

Insight: When fighting against one monster, well timed blocks do wonders and I almost prefer going toe to toe instead of dancing around as I've previously been doing. It does mean you need more repairs though!

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