Thursday 1 July 2021

GTFO: R5A3 - Mining (Normal)

Rundown 5 got extended in GTFO, meaning it got a few more missions. Alas it didn't fix the connection issues we were experiencing before but since we can play this one it definitely seems to be a level-centric problem. Anyway, our loadout today is DL with the regular DMR, Sniper and mines, Jim on Heavy Smg, Shotgun and C-foam and myself with more c-foam, machine pistol and machine gun. Spray and pray for the win. :P

Most of this mission is stealth bopping and even if something goes loud, joust bopping as we really need to save ammo for the final bit. Glowsticks are also handy in this mostly dark map. Past the first non-alarm security scan you'll find three terminals to download datafiles, but the problem is two of the terminals are password protected which you'll need to find on log files in other terminals to the West. Keep calm and carry on until you reach a Class III cluster alarm in a huge mine room.

Foam the South door and start it up, then I am on door foaming duty until I run out of foam - which buys Jim and DL enough time to  nearly finish all the scans. DL usually leaves one mine pointing at the door too so that when it breaks, most of the first wave is annihilated. Important here is I hold ground a little with the machine gun, since I want the enemy on me in case the others are still doing scans. There are always giants in this wave so don't hold for too long.

After this its back to stealth bopping Westward and you'll get a choice of left or right: we normally pick wherever the scout doesn't spawn, and if it didn't spawn in either path that means DL is on snipe duty when we run into it later as it will surely be in the way. The next hold is a class V diminished (wtf) in a tight chamber with three doors to defend. Good news: the top door opposite where you start the scan is never used by the enemy as long as you keep the other end of room H shut too (or just don't go in there). I use up whatever little ice I have to freeze one door and Jim does the other.

Jim then goes on door duty (double, because they can and will pound on both) while DL and I do the scan: 4 smalls, 1 big, 4 smalls and 4 smalls again. Usually they've broken through while the final scan is going so headshot well. Normally we hold up near where the scan started to end this wave. Beyond this should be the final two terminals with passwords / password pieces you need so look em up. If you missed the first one, you can get it on the way back (it's usually in a room on the way).

With all passwords hopefully written down, all the way back to the first three terminals and EXTRACT_DATACORE. This lets you use the Apex door just above you but it is another class V diminished alarm: this one is simply one big circle on the balcony with a catch: % only goes up (slowly) if all team members are alive and in the circle. If that is not the case, the % DROPS. DL mines the approaches and then its go time - hold position until 100%. DL on giant slaying duty while Jim and I watch the stairs. If you have more health step forward to tank if needed.

Once done, open the APEX door (slow to open, continue to hold - I was already out of ammo here, so hammer time :P) then get to the nearby (thankfully fast) extract circle to win and GTFO! :)

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