Thursday 22 July 2021

Mare of Easttown

So many scum bags, so much yelling. Glad I don't live there.

Detective Mare (Kate Winslet) seems to be related to everyone in Easttown, and when she is put on a case of a missing girl she gets to highlight just how scummy so many people there are, including her own family. This is obviously intentional as it makes it really hard to figure out whodunit when there are so many suspects.

Don't lie to her or she'll yell at you.

While there is little action here the story is more than enough to be interesting, especially for people that enjoy murder mysteries. You might find more yelling in this one than in other crime series though, but that's only because IT MAKES THINGS MORE INTENSE!? Worth a watch, I give it three vapes out of five and if they do make a season 2, I'll probably watch it.

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