Tuesday 13 July 2021

BDO: First Mate

[Part of my Adventures in Black Desert Online]

The newest class!

With all this ocean exploration, I thought I should introduce you to my first mate: a corsair, named and customized by wifey for the new "season server"! Each season runs for a few months and achieving goals on them nets rewards for the entire account so I thought, why not? Instead of doing the story all over again, she takes the Crow merchant "simplified" path instead which just gives massive boosts to level gain during grinding and it's so effective that she's now almost the same level as my main character in a sliver of the time. The path I took to achieve this is as follows:

Main quests with the dig team up to Velia (then stop questing, grind instead!)
Cron Castle to level 19
Al Rundi rebels (barricades are good xp), swamp fogans, bloody monastery to 35
Mask Owls to 40
Troll Fort to 43, then upgrade Naru gear to Tuvala
Saunil Siege to 47
Catfishmen to 51
Helms to 54
Sausans to 55, and finally spend those combat skill points
Desert Nagas to 57
Back to regular questing to 58
Collect Chenga Tome
On to Valencia I

My goal is to get her to 61 to collect all the season prizes, and I have to admit that she is very fun to play once you get used to all her big movements. Her ability to slide over water is also super handy, and for those who like Tower of God, she makes a crossover appearance at the end of this chapter. If you don't know what Tower of God is, why don't you start out by watching it: It's a very cool anime. :)

Insight: In hindsight there are obvious flaws to what I did, with one of the biggest being that I should have tried get her the Chenga Tome from my main ASAP. It turns out that is one of the best leveling aids in the game and I was late to get one for her!

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